I am unable to open Gmail

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Revert back to 9.51, wait for the 9.52 official release of Opera.

Imm using 9.51, it works like a charm.



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Gmail made a few changes....

Plain text should work on all browsers, only Rich text formatting will cause problems.


Do you get any error message or it takes too long to open? Did you try using plain text mode? The newer version of gmail is little slower than older one.


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Try this method 1st

Go To Gmail.com
Then login as usual

But since Gmail V2 is incompatible so it will stop in loading

Just at that time right click
Then "Edit Site prefrences"
Then Content > Uncheck "Enable Content Blocking"

If this doen't work please reply here


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@boom2709: Read the post above you, he is now able to open Gmail and maintain his right to choose his browser.

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now i got the exact reason y gmail wasnt opening. the date on my PC was set to year 2002. I couldnt change the time and date bcoz of a damaged timedate.cpl. since gmail's current security certificate hadnt been issued in the year 2002, safari was blockin it thinking it was a fake. opera gave me a choice whether i wanted to accept the certificate or not. that's y i was able to open it in opera. now i have replaced timedate.cpl and have set the correct time and date. i can now open gmail in all browsers including safari.
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