Browser battle: IE 8 vs Opera 9.5 vs Safari vs Firefox 3

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hope this has not been posted earlier....

It's up to your Web browser to make using the Internet easy and enjoyable -- it's arguably the most important piece of software you use.

As the Internet becomes more integral to daily life, the browser you use is of great importance to software companies too. That's why every major browser developer is working on new versions of their product.

Fortunately, they've all released early versions of their work -- that's betas to you -- for us to poke around and play with, so we can suggest fixes and improvements that could be made before the final version is released to the general public.

The four browsers in question are Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla's open-source Firefox 3, Opera 9.5 -- all in beta -- and the just-released Apple Safari 3.1 for Windows. All are free downloads and all try to offer something better than the competition.
Browser battle

* Introduction
* Internet Explorer
* Opera
* Safari
* Firefox
* Flock

With this furious battle for worldwide adoption, we've decided to put the most recent browser releases head-to-head to see which is looking to be the best, and why.

We're not benchmarking and we're not reviewing; we're simply using each browser as the average user would, to determine which we think is the coolest, which works best so far and which we expect to be the strongest offering to the general consumer.

So without further introduction, let the browser war begin. We'll start with Microsoft...


Legen-wait for it-dary!
Hehe, may the best one triumph!!! I shall try out all three and post the results of the neverending war between Speed, Stability and Flexibility!!! I shall be an impartial judge in the proceedings too!!!

"go opera!!!!"


Think Zen.
Opera 9.5beta rarely crashed, And Opera can block any elements of the page natively.
No need of third-party addons.


You gave been GXified
I will be away from Computer for about a month now. The only computer I will have access to will be my office computer & taking part in useless arguments which doesn't results in any benefit or profit is banned in Office :D


!! RecuZant By Birth !!
all i want in opera in something like userstyle or grease monkey or some thing like that which can greatly expand opera`s functionality...

that will make opera much more superior than any other browsy,,,,


!! RecuZant By Birth !!
no ... ok yes it can be. but is it that easy .. like installigng something like in FF... i mean add ons....

opera has widgets.. but they are crap and work only when activated ( started )
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