1. ravi_9793

    opera reaches 100/100 in acid 3 test

  2. kirangp

    Mozilla CEO Blasts Apple for Bundling Safari with iTunes Update

    Accuses iTunes Developer of Adopting Distribution Practices Similar to Malware Mozilla CEO John Lilly has a beef with Apple, which he made clear yesterday after he blasted the company on its decision to package its Safari web browser with the latest version of iTunes and Quicktime...
  3. A

    Safari 3.1 released

    Experience the web, Apple style, with Safari: the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web, up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer. The fastest web browser on any platform, Safari loads...
  4. soumya

    Safari is about to get crazy fast

    When Apple chose the KHTML engine for its Safari Browser in 2003 over the more popular Gecko engine that powers Firefox, a lot of people were surprised. Firefox was way more popular than the Konquerer browser and had a lot more open source developers online. Since then, Apple has really run...
  5. The Conqueror

    Ad-Free Surfing...

    Hi all ! 1. I dont know if there are other threads running this topic 2. If you already know how to browse ad-free then plz dont post : yes I knew this dude, old news etc etc For Firefox Users : 1. Go HERE and download Adblock 2. Now here and download Filerset.G Updater 3. Update...
  6. Gigacore

    Hefty Apple Patch Set Tackles Leopard, Firewall Issues

    Apple has released an enormous set of patches for Mac OS X, Safari and the Leopard firewall. by Lisa Vaas Apple issued an enormous set of patches on Nov. 14, with 41 fixes for Mac OS X and Safari vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to hijack systems, trigger denial-of-service and...
  7. msnways1

    internet explorer problem

    yahoo messenger & internet explorer problem :(:mad::cry: I'm using WinXP SP2, IE 6, Firefox, Safari. I cant open any webpage in IE. Its just blank all the time. But I can use Firefox n safari with no problem. I cleared all cache, cookies, history. also set defaults in advanced under...
  8. Vishal Gupta

    Leopard Safari: Skin for Maxthon 2.0 Browser to Make it look-a-like Safari

    Hi all I'm glad to announce my second skin "Leopard Safari" for Maxthon 2.x browser. I have tried to make Maxthon look-a-like Safari browser which has been recently released by Apple. :) Just download the zip file, extract its contents and then double-click on "Leopard Safari.m2s" file and...
  9. T

    Safari (windows) questions

    Please tell how to block flash animations in SAfari for windows. I tried the CSS file given at but it didn't work Also, while surfing using safari, I may regularly getting JAVASCRIPT errors. HOw to remove them?
  10. T

    Safari (windows) keyboard shortcuts?

    Are any keyboard shorcuts there for BACK or FORWARD and other things as there are in Firefox. If you search for shorcuts in safari help , it shows only limited number and none is there for back /forward...
  11. T

    Tweaking safari

    Is it possible to do advanced tweaking with safari for windows as one can do in opera and firefox by using about:config ?
  12. G

    help with safari

    i have a lan connection in which i have 2 use proxies can anyone tell me how to setup proxies for safari
  13. T

    Safari beta working?

    Is safari beta working fine with anyone of you. I don't see any option to add new posts in this form with SAfari. Unable to log out of rediffmail and not able to see Select options in GMAIL like select ALL, NONE, UNREAD etc.
  14. eddie

    Safari to eliminate Firefox, Opera & every browser except IE?

    Source: John’s Blog Safari is to eliminate Firefox, Opera & every alternate browser : Steve Jobs That is not a statement from a random blogger or a fanboy but is an indication from Steve Jobs' latest WWDC keynote speech. I would leave it on you to make all conclusions from the two slides...
  15. GeeNeeYes

    Apple releases Safari 3.0.1 Beta security update for Windows Safari 3 beta review in earlier thread :
  16. GeeNeeYes

    REVIEW: Safari 3 beta browser for Windows

    SOURCE : Please comment about your own experiences.
  17. K

    Apple Launches Safari For Windows

    WWDC has come and gone and for once Apple has failed to impress the world with an earth-shattering announcement. Unlike last year when they had introduced the hotly anticipated iPhone, their biggest announcement of this year is the introduction of their Safari browser for Windows. The newly...
  18. Third Eye

    And the Best Mac OSX Browser Is…

  19. S

    Safari browser to come to Windows?

    Safari browser to come to Windows? Will Apple release a version of its Safari browser for Windows? The Mozilla Foundation seems to believe such a move is a distinct possibility. Buried in the wiki information the Mozilla Foundation posted this week about its future plans for Firefox is a...
  20. anandk

    Apple OS Doomed from Spyware?

    Apple OS Doomed from Spyware? It has finally happened. The proof of concept that we all knew had to happen eventually have apparently hit the fan. There is now confirmation that adware and/or spyware could in fact be installed onto a Mac via Apple's Safari browser. :evil: A Cause for...
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