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in my pc(win xp sp3)i have both safari & firefox installed...the font in which web pages are displayed in safari is a bit blurry & bold whereas in firefox it is fine..please check the images below--



some questions- 1)how do i make it look like that in firefox.
2)safari actually runs slower than firefox in my do i make it load pages faster
3)the tab bar is not always visible & i did not find an option that says"always show the tab bar" like in there an option to keep the tab bar visible at all times?

i use an airtel gprs connection & i have tweaked firefox to run there any such tweaks to optimise safari?

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I have used Safari before and was shocked for it amazing speed since I also use Airtel GPRS, after using it for a while I seems to be very buggy for me and turned to Firefox and FF works like a breeze for me. I tnk there is an option to optimize fonts in Safari. Try Edit | Preference | Appearance | Font smoothing.
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