Weird problem with Safari

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I am currently using Safari as my primary browser, and of late it has developed a strange issue. Whenever I run Safari, it loads up my home page [currently set to Google India], but takes more than 15 seconds to get a response, but about a second to load the page itself. Once this first page has been loaded, it is as lightning fast as always, and if I try to load Google again, it takes barely a second.

The funny thing is that this is not just for Google, but for any site. I tried setting several sites as my home page and opening up Safari and the same problem persisted.

This problem is also specific to Safari. It does not happen in FF3 or IE7, where Google loads up in a second or so.

Here's a screenie of my Network Timeline while loading up Google for the first time after opening up Safari:

As you can see, it takes a total of 15 seconds to load up Google, of which the first 13 or so are spent in getting a response.

Now I realize that 15 seconds may sound trivial, but it is genuinely irritating. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. - Safari is naturally up to date.
P.P.S - Please don't post just to say "sAfari is the suX0R! useFF3!!!!"


you are damn right... i have also faced the same.. it takes time to load the first page but if you typed in other tab.. woossss.. opend up..

I think its hv some issues which needs to be plugged.

Anyway.. I don't suggest to use safari tho its from apple... Opera 9.51 is good and its really fastest browser... you can also try FLOCK, i have noticed that flock is faster than Mozilla.
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