I cannot login to GMail/Yahoo

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what happened? are they down? i can use the login page but thats it. after signing in, the page load then never ends. tried FF, IE Safari. pls help.

EDIT: checked with safari again and is working but without GChat :( still not working in FF and IE

EDIT 2: FF and IE working too.

Mods b4 u close da thread, i wanna no if oders were xperiencin same probs?
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What do you mean by others?
Yahoo Mail:No
AIM Mail:No

By the way, next time you ask such a question, wait before posting a thread! Because after you post such a thread it could be working again and the thread would be useless...


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Google was under maintenance for 2 days or so. Don't know about Yahoo. It would be great if your english was a bit more understandable :)


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I have problems too since last 2 days.
Couldn't login to GTalk and couldn't open GMail in IE but opening in Opera.


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check ur firewall if its blocking ..... or any other softy ....

or check in ur host file [ C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ] .....
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