Palit RMA !


Wise Old Owl
Do I need original purchase bill for Palit RMA ?

My brother's 5 months old Palit 9600GT fckedup yesterday.
No display at all.
Even I have checked with my PC.
Everything is working fine of my brother's PC and mine too.
This fcking Palit card was a headache from the beginning..... :mad:
But the worst that I still could not find the original purchase bill.
I know that Fcking Tirupati will not accept without any bill.
Though I have a scanned PDF file of that bill in my PC but don't know it will work or not.
Even I have very less free time due to my work.....:sad:

Any got any kind of experience of Palit RMA ?
Please share!


15.0 GHz
print the scanned bill and show it to the Tirupati and make him search the duplicate in his bill record.
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