1. rijinpk1

    System powers off abruptly!

    Guys, I am experiencing strange but a critical problem on my desktop. It is shutting down abruptly. There is no specific interval my system keeps working. This happens at times even before bios is loaded, some times just after the bios screen, some times an hour or 2 after loading the OS and I...
  2. B

    Card reader not working

    Hi, I bought Quantum QHM5088 All in 1 card reader. When I insert it in any pc, it displays a message installing drivers but then nothing happens. There is no usb drive found in my computer. I have tried it in different computers using Win XP and Win 7 but the result was the same. I downloaded...
  3. B

    Error while opening paytm

    Hi Guys, I am facing an error when I open via Firefox. I get this error I am not able to click on anything. Even if I refresh, the result is the same. But when I open it via incognito mode it works fine. How to fix this? Thanks
  4. Akintex

    Moto E vs Xperia M which is better to buy

    Moto E vs Xperia M which is better i need some info - which has good display viewing angle and best color - which camera will give best result in image capturing with like text document barcode etc
  5. avichandana20000

    Motherboard issue ? ?

    My friend has a DELL PC. OPTIPLEX 755. Regulatory Model (Small Form Factor): DCCY Proccy: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 2200.0 MHz RAM: KINGSTON-1GB-1RX8-PC2-6400U-666-12-D1-PC-MEMORY (SINGLE MODULE) HDD :360GB Graphics : Intel GMA 3100 Built-in SMPS(Power Supply 280W) What I...
  6. R

    What to do after 12th CBSE [Bad Result]

    Hi folks, I'm pretty much sure that I'm gonna get ~68% in CBSE Boards (12th). I'm a PCM idiot. (Physical Edu.). I'm interested in going for B.Tech(With Hons.) - M.Tech (Dual Degree) [5 Years] [CS] but most universities need the one to score higher than 80% in qualifying exams. What should I...
  7. dalbir

    internet connection in windows 7

    i can not connect to the Internet in windows via any web browser. i uninstalled the google chrome and tried to use the internet via other browser but same result. what may be the problem?
  8. harshilsharma63

    HTML help needed

    Hi. Take a look at this link: B. Tech. IVth Sem. Main Exam Result - 2013 - RTU Portal by Arun Batar It accepts roll number th the text field and displays the result after clicking of "Submit" button. I need to programatically access the result. What data do I need to send to the server...
  9. R

    Need website create link which type keyword in google and shows result?

    hi everyone, some time we are stuck with some problem and we post question for solution in forum.there some of the guys give answer by providing link to suggest search in google. when we open the link,it enters keyword in google searchbox and display result. i want to create such...
  10. TechnoHolic

    'USB Not Recognized'

    Recently got a USB extension cable. To get better signal in my mobile i always hang it (this cable+mobile's data cable) beside the window. Yesterday, i tried to insert one of my pendrive to it, but it couldn't recognize. 'USB Not Recognized' message blinked up at that time. Again inserted...
  11. R

    Learning Overclocking 8400GS

    I am using 8400GS on my PC which has AMD Quad 635 with Gig 785G mobo which has been overclocked to 3.3 ghz stable and is used in normal operation. As I am using 8400GS, I thought to give it a try to learn overclocking the G.Card. I used Precise and the result is given in below screenshot...
  12. HE-MAN

    Samsung ua32eh5000

    samsung ua32eh5000 has stopped playing files from usb even the movies which use to work perfectly before now just freeze after 1 second. i have tried number of usb drivers still the same result even tried the firmware update from usb but cannot find the update from the usb. plz help with this...
  13. A

    how to search mongodb fieldtype timestamp?(symfony2)

    I use Mongodb. and create query. createAt field type is timestamp. ex) createAt => new MongoTimestamp(1361925805, 0), My query is ex) ... ->field('createAt')->lt(1361925805) ... but result is array(0). ex) select * from aaa where createAt < '125123123123' how to make mongodb...
  14. bajaj151

    Should I RMA ?

    My 2Tb Goflex is 3 months old. Today I checked it using Crystaldiskinfo and got this result:
  15. Ashokkumar01cbe

    whts Going inside the printf..

    when i compile the below code 1) program main( ) { printf ( 5 + "Good Morning " ) ; } i got the result as Morning.. and in another code 2) program main( ) { printf ( "%c", "abcdefgh"[4] ) ; } in the 2nd program i got the result a "e"...
  16. Ashokkumar01cbe

    whts doing inside the printf..

    when i compile the below code 1) program main( ) { printf ( 5 + "Good Morning " ) ; } i got the result as Morning.. and in another code 2) program main( ) { printf ( "%c", "abcdefgh"[4] ) ; } in the 2nd program i got the result a "e"...
  17. apurvgupta1

    Printing stuff causes lights to flicker

    Hey guys i have got Canon LBP2900B printer , when I print anything, that for minutes after the fact, the lights in my house continue to flicker. I tried using the power socket of other rooms as well but the result is same. What can be the problem. Should i call the Canon guys or is it normal?
  18. TheSloth

    No google in fedora17

    I am using Fedora 17. I am able to open all websites(i guess), but not able to open google. I tried searching through google facility(plugin?) given in browser but same result. Seems like only google is not working.Message is "Cannot resolve". What to do now?
  19. soyab0007

    Samsung galaxy S Plus

    Samsung galaxy S Plus not powering on, tried to charge phone for more than 1 hour but no result What should I Do?
  20. ankit.kumar010203

    When EBAY SURVEY's Result will announce?

    IN digit Magazine,It Was Given That The Result Will Announce on 30 June.....But Result Are Not Out.....Any Idea Abt This?:-?
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