1. V

    India ranks 2nd globally in seeking web user data: Google

    Sources: ThinkDigit, The Times Of India
  2. socrates

    Vodafone allegedly rejected MNP requests, on unexplained grounds

    Vodafone allegedly rejected MNP requests, on unexplained grounds This is probably the most worst kept secret. :D The point is what is TRAI going to do about it.
  3. desiibond

    Share your Google+ usernames here please

    Mine: Amarendra Bandla and please do not post any requests for invites here.
  4. Anorion

    [By Demand] February 2010

    The Jan DVDs are done, preview up in a while, keep the requests coming in. Thought of giving the Ubuntu DVD, but it had no significant advantage over the CD. If there is something wrong about the mix of content that we give, discuss it here as well. More/Less of...
  5. DizitalNovice

    MySQL Query - Can anyone help?

    This seems so simple yet I just cannot get it! The context: I am building a library mgmt system and there is a table called requests where current requests for book id are kept as (buk_id,usr_id,Date of rqst). Now everytime an entry is made here number of available copies in the books table...
  6. Anorion

    [By Demand] Feb 2009

    Starting early this month, so we can entertain more requests. The preview will come up in due time, but still post whatever you want. Also, consider all posts in the last three months that have not showed up in the DVDs as active requests... we are still considering a lot of them...
  7. RCuber

    Proxy Query

    Hello guys, I really havent used proxy other than few sites which allow browsing thro their site. so my knowledge abt proxy is limited. My question is .. can Internet Explorer always use a external proxy or a proxy site? Any requests going out of IE should go thro a proxy. I require this...
  8. Cyrus_the_virus


    Hi All, I have a couple of internet connections and I had about 15-18GB download left before the end of the month on them. So rather than wasting it, I thought I would put it to some good use.:rolleyes: Anybody who wants anything downloaded can request me and I'll download it, burn it on a...
  9. Asfaq

    [By Demand] Digit January 2008

    Let's get some super requests for the new year!
  10. S

    [By Demand] - Digit May 2007

    Let the requests flow...
  11. FatBeing

    [By Demand] - Digit April 2007

    Did you know that antivirus tools even detect prank software? EDIT: Did you also know that requests close on the 10th of each month?
  12. FatBeing

    The Request Thread

    Want to buy something but can't find it in any of the threads? Post your request here, thus: What I want: [goes here; (no software, please)] Where I am: [city goes here] If you can fulfill a request, please use the PM system to contact the poster. Help keep this thread clean by not...
  13. FatBeing

    The Distro Request Thread

    This sticky is for those who want a distro but don't have the bandwidth/time/patience/will to download it, and want to mooch off those who do. Make your requests thus: City: [goes here] Distro Needed: [goes here, and mention either x64 or x86] If you can fulfill a request, please reply to...
  14. montsa007

    (this is test forum) mobile requests on mods approval

    dear buddies after mods approval post ur requests for ur mobile fones (do remember no illegal stuff and no cracked appz) mods approval awaited
  15. N

    [Novell] Need an App to run on Linux? Request it here!

    Novell Cool Solutions! :D Need an App to run on Linux? A lot of people are converted to the idea of switching to Linux in their data center based on the tremendous cost savings that represents, but find that there are one or two key applications they need to use in their business that are...
  16. Raaabo

    [By Demand] February 2006 DVD / CD

    Since I'm late already posting this, please send requests ASAP if you want to see any software in the DVD / CD. Raaabo
  17. C

    system mechanic 6.0 pro

    Edit: [Enoonmai]: Kindly go through the forum rules before posting. Piracy is not encouraged here and any requests to help you with the same will result in a ban.
  18. M

    how to turn of updates

    :o hi all techies,,, I have 2 questions .. 1. how to turn of windows update . I am using XP on Dell d600 . Edit[Nemesis]: No requests or links for illegal downloading allowed here. thanks in adv regards , mira :roll:
  19. C


    I have gt lots of video tuts on maya. I will upload it to my server if ne1 wants some of them. Pls pm me or mail me for requests. Do not make requests here.
  20. J

    [By Demand] July 2005 DVD

    Alright People, June DVD is done, start putting in your requests for the JULY ISSUE!
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