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all visual studio (vb,c#,web dev.)express editions

visualstudio2005 service pack 1


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Some new game demos please!! You guys review 3-4 games each month but rarely give them. All you give are the freeware games like Nexuiz (given atleast 3 times!!). Give new single player demos please, there are plenty released each month.

No more online or multiplayer only games, please. I have said this before. People who have the bandwidth to play online games also have the bandwidth to download them. So its useless to give those. You should put up a poll somewhere and see how many members prefer multiplayer and how many single player.


ACDSee 9.0.108

And items from my April 2007 list(s) which won't be given in April 2007 CD/DVD. :)


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Speakers have been very nicely reviewed in the march issue of digit. But wat is the use of even a good 2.1 speaker set without sufficient circuitry to drive them. Everyone knows how inefficient onboard sound is in delivering the sound output that any good speaker should ideally give. I hope all the AUDIOPHILES out there will support my demand!!!
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Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for x86

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for x64


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Hey Please Please....

Give UBUNTU LINUX Latest version.

many digit readers want it Please...
So many months have passed since u gave UBUNTU

Now Please Include It.....................................UBUNTU
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Rishabh_sharma1990 said:
Hey Please Please....

Give UBUNTU LINUX Latest version.

many digit readers want it Please...

And that is the Ubuntu 7.04(Fietsy) which will release 19th April 2007.


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Is it possible to give Windows XP 64 bit by some kind of arrangement with Microsoft? MS gives a 120 days trial for free, isn't it?


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Does this realy help? i mean do they really go through all this?
IF yes i would like to say some thing
1.The idea of giving old movies is good. But why not some
old tv serials like "wonder years" or "batman"

2.You give some games as fullversions good but most of
them require internet, are not very good and are very
bad. Please try to give something like monkey island or sam and max.

3.Your wallpapers are getting boring, please try for some nice animated wallpapers.

4.And SP2 for windows xp 64.

5.Your interface is nice.Keep up the good work

6.You have to review some better games and review
atleast 3

That is all for now. can not demand all at once.:-D


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Here's what I want:
- more videos on your DVDs. Try to give high quality videos - not the blurry, faded out ones.
- some mac games in the future.
- great videos from www.macboy.com/switch and www.macboy.com/mactoons/index.html.
- the Apple ads from www.apple.com/getamac/ads. They're hilarious (they make for an interesting watch).
- Steve Jobs's MacWorld 2007 keynote address from www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/keynote.
- More Apple, Macs, iPod, and iPhone coverage


Norton antivirus Tools with procedure for removal. All tools till date in one folder of dvd.
Now pl go for DVD DL! Chip & pc world giving at rs.100 price.
you may stop giving cd.you were the first one to offer dvd writers at discount!so now all subsriber has shifted to atleast combo drive in this era.
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