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This sticky is for those who want a distro but don't have the bandwidth/time/patience/will to download it, and want to mooch off those who do. Make your requests thus:

City: [goes here]
Distro Needed: [goes here, and mention either x64 or x86]

If you can fulfill a request, please reply to it via PM ONLY. This way, the thread remains clean and will only contain requests. Any posts to the tune of "Hey I have this distro, you want?" will be deleted and the member will spend one week as a Miserable User (experiencing mysterious 'errors' and downtimes).

More importantly, DO NOT disclose personal details like your home address and/or phone numbers in this thread - use the PM system for that.

It's only fair that you 'pay' the person who gave you the distro with the necessary blank CDs/DVDs (and a rep point for helping you out, even).

Anyone stupid enough to try to selling a distro CD/DVD will be banned from this forum.

In other news:
Get Ubuntu CDs from *

Get CDs/DVDs for other distros from * (and donate to them if you can, too)
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I m first to request:)

Distro Needed:-Fedora 5 32 x86
Media: CD
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thx fatbeing.. :)
CITY- mumbai (sub)
DISTRO- FC5 x86 32 bit.(dvd)
i can provide u with discs.
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Thank You fatbeing.

City :- Sangli (Maharashtra).
Distribution :- Knoppix 5.0.1, x86, 32 bit.
Media :- DVD or CD.

I will provide the money for the disks and postage if someone tells me how to send the money to you. Also P.M. me before sending the disks telling me the postage + CD/DVD cost.



City :- Delhi (north).
Distribution :- Knoppix 5.0.1, x86, 32 bit.
Media :- DVD or CD.

i can meet u at some central point like cp or anywhere..


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@desmataks.... wen did fc6 release.... lol

Read the thread rules!! Don't post anything besides request for distro!
This post is left simply as an example for others!
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city : agra or delhi
distro : fedora core 5, x86
media : cd or dvd.
just need it .can provide with some exchange or so.
pm please.


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@fat,u finally did it!!!gr8.
distro:ubuntu(dapper drake/v6.06) and fedora core 5
media:cd or dvd
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Hey here is the aks

fedora 6 beta is available on their site and its full version will be out in september.

city: patiala
distro: mandrake dvd
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Really needed this thread!
City:Ballarpur,Chandrapur distt.,Mah
Distrao Needed:Red Hat, Mandrake Move, Basilisk, Ubuntu 6.06.


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this thread was seriously needed
Distro:knoppix 5.0.1 32 x86 ,FC5

ready to pay for media.....
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Distro Needed:-Fedora 5 x86, Slackware (I cant find this one anywhere near my city), SUSE 10.1
Media: CD or DVD


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FatBeing said:
Get CDs/DVDs for other distros from * (and donate to them if you can, too)

No point in ordering, they still ask for donation. I ordered a month back and they still not have shipped the same.


city : kolkata

umm..i need any/all of the following in descending order..
suse 10.1 x86_64
suse 10.1 x86(cd will be better)
fedora core 5 64 bit
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS(dvd if possible)

thank you...
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