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[By Demand] July 2005 DVD

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Adobe CS2 softwares tryout
and since suse 9.3 cud not be included in june, how abt trying to put it this time? :D

and how about some softwares and ebooks with instructions to snazz up linux desktops? its been windows desktops for a long time now. :p

thats my wishlist for now :)


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Give whatever you want. Just make sure its the latest version of the software, otherwise its useless. Didit sometimes gives versions that are more than 3 months old.


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Cool... Jacknife23... hmm ur the new guy in team DIGIT featured in DIGIT DIARY ?? ... Ishaan?... Welcome 2 forum :D .. hehe.. ;-)

Here's my WishList...

musikCube media playa... it's mix of iTunes & foobar ;-)
+ my vote also for Adobe CS2
iTunes 4.8

Winamp 5.09
Barr WMP Visualization
IrfanView 3.97
Winamp CD Case
DFX 7.x Plug-ins for all major media player...

... hmm... Games. updates/current versions to few little Games from PopCap whcih DIGIT gave in DVD/CD last year... Dynomite :D... BookWorm... :D :D
.... I hate all those Windows 9.x Themes you gave in DVD this month... no body uses Windows 9.x now and so I think it was almost waste... plz [update] & continue giving WindowBlind/MSStyles.

... Hey I've compiled a CD of wallpapers/prints I downloaded from deviantART and other Graphics Studio.... it contains more than 2000 high resolution (all ranging from 1024x768 to 1600x1200 and more...) ... if u like I can send it by mail to you to add with July DVD... if it doesn't break any *copyright* law & stuff to original authors of those walls... which I think it will... hmmm what u say!!??

**above offer was only for TeamDIGIT, I'm not gonna accept personal request for this** ;-)

+ hey I forgot... Opera 8.x ....

[I'll edit & add links to my wishlist later... it's morning... 'm feeling sleeepyy...zzzzz.. night....]



Hey Why is everyone forgetting the magazine. Give us one or two posters as with skoar and dont forget the game reviews this time.


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Hey put in A demo of Unreal Tournament 2004 and some good full version games like FUTURE COP And also include the NORTON ANTIVIRUS UPDATES And other updates as well Also try to include some good software for voice removal from songs and MP3's Also Include skins of winamp 5 and Windows Media player skins for WMP 10 also include windows upgrades that microsoft recenty released also include a demo of Half Life 2 :wink: :!: :idea: :arrow:


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Oh my birthday on 18 July 1992 when i was born. Guys why don't you include full version games like DRIV3R or Prince Of Persia Sands of Time.
Music from Prince OF Persia Warrior Within.Red hat linux or Suse latest. Adobe Flash MX if not remains Macromedia Flash MX.Movies like Aladdin's Magic Journey[Disney Channel movie] or Beauty & the beast one of them or both hindi versions as i cant get them here in miraj a very very small town.OS'es like Solaris 10 !
Please DIGIT GRANT MY WISHES i will be pleased
Technical reviews on latest technology and lots of linux books and some fun books like jokes.

And, Norton antivirus updates a must. Guys u r not putting those so do it.

And lots of some interesting videos not the typre u guys gave, aha not good.

Half life game's video atleast video say he kamchalalunga! :)

Lots playable games! :lol:

And, tHANKS....................


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I dunno if anyone heard my plea on the June demand thread but here i go again.
Please give a total conversion mod for Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy, preferably the Knights of the Force conversion which will be available shortly at www.kotf.com.If not this than any other mod. Please
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