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Right off the assembly line
I have gt lots of video tuts on maya.
I will upload it to my server if ne1 wants some of them.

Pls pm me or mail me for requests. Do not make requests here.


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
thanx ... cool idea ...

but plz plz plz don`t upload 2 rapidshare ...

as dialup user s like myself won`t b able 2 upload easily & it would b really painfull ... as download managers not supported ...


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
hey cryogen25 ... got ur pm ...

if selling is ur motto then y pm ...

just say on the forum ... nice trick of selling things ...

hey mods ... watch him ...


In the zone
yes same PM to me too.
Anyway I got Maya 6.5 essenial learning videos.(not showing off)
So I don't want ur videos. :p


thug for life...2pac
hi planning 2 learn 3d software but dont know where 2 start with......which 1 is simpler and easier 2 learn.....3DS MAX or MAYA or ALIAS WAVEFRONT or SOFTIMAGE XSI....plz advise

thanx in advance??


Cyborg Agent
MAX is less confusing for beginners. But if u are just starting, then MAYA is as good a place to start. I haven't worked with softimage though, but it is the choice of the movie makers.
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