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  1. H

    Sony MDR-XB50 Alternatives (Also a repair ques.)

    Hello, I own these amazing IEMs but they stopped working recently. So my first question is can these IEMs be repaired? The left monitor's output has became extremely low, almost silent and also there is no structural damage on surface. I lent these to my friend, so I don't know exactly what...
  2. S

    Repair broken Nexus 4 screen

    Hi folks, My nexus 4 dropped today, screen is cracked and touch is not working :cry: I wanted to know from where I can get it repaired and how much would it cost me?
  3. G

    How to flash Samsung Champ 3.5g java phone via Samsung Kies

    Dear members, i have a stupid Samsung java phone which cannot download java application after a number of master resets. While looking for help on internet i came across many people who had this problem with this phone. Some of them got their phone repaired via Samsung service center. I also got...
  4. D

    VTech Talking Whiz Kid Device Screen Problem

    Hey guys, Its some decade old device but is working fine without any problem except for the dark patch in LCD Screen. Can this be repaired easily and if yes how ? I have attached the pic of the screen defect.
  5. R

    [Praise] MSI Service in Bangalore/India Rocks!

    My MSI Radeon R6870 Hawk was experiencing Fan issues from past half a year. one of the two fans died and i was running on one fan till last week. Recently both my GPU fans went kaput and i had to take emergency action.:mrgreen: So went to the service center - Which is Digicare. Ill tell you...
  6. A

    Cheapest motherboard for Phenom II X4 955BE ?

    Guys, my mobo just died on me a few days back and I need a temporary(cheap?) substitute for the same until it has been repaired from the service center.My budget is between 3-5k. My PC config is in my signature. Thanks in advance.
  7. RCuber

    Laptop Dead - Motherboard cost?

    Hey guys, my laptop died today.. it was showing signs of aging from many months and this was expected. I would like to know what would be the approximate cost for a motherboard replacement. the model is HP DV6602AU. I also think the GPU is gone. so where can I get my laptop repaired...
  8. D

    Toshiba : TV 32 inch gone bad in 15 months. Quality ?

    Guys, Any comments on Quality of LCD/LED TV's these days. had bought Toshiba 32AV800E last July and that is now having white lines horizontal and vertical on screen after being on for like 2 mins. (for first 2 minutes it will remain fine). Obiviously Toshiba has 1 year warranty only on this TV...
  9. B

    Qulaity of Seagate replacement HDD?

    just i have sent my 500GB seagate HDD for RMA.......... Will they replace with new HDD or repaired HDD?
  10. sam9953

    Why didn't my Casio watch battery life not last 10 years?

    Hi guys, four years ago I bought a Casio watch, to be exact I bought this Buy Casio Standard Analog-Digital Watch - For Men AD84 - Price in India , Buy Casio Standard Analog-Digital Watch - For Men Online In India, Reviews, Ratings & Features | Flipkart.com but after 2 years the battery stopped...
  11. J

    Altec Lancing MX-5021

    Dear Friends, I am in a dire situation. I am very fond of the mx5021 speakers that I bought 3 years back. It was working just fine. Suddenly some days back while I was watching movie, maybe due to voltage fluctuation the lights on the power controller blinked couple of times and went off...
  12. W

    Support for Geforce 8600GT?

    Friends, Had bought an XFX Geforce 8600 GT in 2008. Was running fine untill recently till 4 mnths ago when My mobo got bricked. When mobo was repaired and everything seemed to run fine, my card was getting insanely hot which caused my system hang many a time. When I remove, it was fine...
  13. andro

    Dell laptop from USA?? OR some othe brand...

    As the title topic suggested I wanted to know about the warranty policy of Dell,do they honor warranty in India?If not will they at least service it with charges?? Basically I am concerned if something went wrong in HW will I be able to get it repaired. Please suggest some inputs and...
  14. theserpent

    Steam Not responding

    Hey I opened steam its updating.After updating i left it like that for 10 minutes Saw its stuck(Not-responding),I tried it several times its not workings,I repaired it.Still not. What do i do?
  15. S

    Laptop display problem

    Old gateway p4 laptop with 17 inch display. Display now has bright contrast with gibberish on screen. Can this display be repaired? Can someone suggest a reliable and reasonable Laptop repair shop in Nehru place.
  16. Gauravs90

    Ipod touch screen broke... Where can it be repaired?

    My friends ipod touch 4th generation's screen got cracked on falling... Is there any apple service centre near delhi. Or should we get it repaired from local repair shop...
  17. C

    iPod touch not working

    Hi guys. Thanks for helping me with my previous queries. This time its about my 3 gen ipdo touch 32 gb. I brought it from singapore last year in july. It was working perfectly fine until some time ago, when it went dead. when i tried to charge it , it became hot at he bottom as well as the top...
  18. sukesh1090

    Hard disk problem-urgent help needed

    guys i am using Samsung HD503HI 500GB hard disk.today i opened my cabinet for cleaning purpose.later when I fitted it back my HDD is not working correctly,my system won't boot and HDD is not shown in BIOS and the HDD also makes some weird tuk,tuk... sound.i checked evey connection in mobo and...
  19. D

    LG LCD TV Blues: Repair from LG, or Karol Bagh Zindabad?

    Mods, I couldn't find an appropriate forum for this, and the hardware forum does say all the queries that don't fit it in other sections, go here. So I've this LG 26" LCD TV that I bought in 2009, and all of a sudden, the picture went blank a few seconds after switching it on, and the audio...
  20. S

    MX5021 not working

    Hi guys, I was a proud owner of MX5021 till yesterday. My MX5021 were working perfectly fine till yesterday in the afternoon, when I enjoyed my music and left for some work. When I came back in the evening, they were not working and only giving loud bass at high volume. On repeat tries of...
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