Sony MDR-XB50 Alternatives (Also a repair ques.)


Right off the assembly line
I own these amazing IEMs but they stopped working recently. So my first question is can these IEMs be repaired?
The left monitor's output has became extremely low, almost silent and also there is no structural damage on surface. I lent these to my friend, so I don't know exactly what caused this. Moving, stretching, pushing the wires - nothing evokes any response to the left earbud. The warranty period has been over for 6 months or more, so the warranty can't cover it. So, I want to ask if these can be repaired by either Sony or by myself.

Finally, if those are dead for good, what are some alternatives that cost less than those, (upto 1.5k). Also, I previously owned XB30EX from Sony which also had a bassy signature. So you can figure out what kind of sound signature I'm looking for.

Thank You.
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