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  1. N

    how to remove write protection from pendrive

    how to remove write protection from pendrive ...my sandisk cruzer blade 8gb pendriveand its in ntfs format and it automatically gets write protection from a virus in my computer ....i tried editing registry and all the formating tools and cmd and linux ..what to do with my pendrive please to...
  2. quicky008

    How am i supposed to remove the memory card from my Nikon L26 camera?

    I have a nikon l26 camera that uses SD cards for storage-there's a 4gb card inside it that i'd like to remove but I don't know how it is to be done.I thought applying a little pressure on the card might cause it to pop out(like in the case of cell phones) but unfortunately,this technique did not...
  3. ramakanta

    Remove 3G modem in Win7

    I have Huawei 3G modem. after disconnected internet , i want to remove my modem . but i couldn't remove it. this problem faced only Win7. in case win XP it perfectly removed. please help me how to resolve this problem. thank you. http://youtu.be/HarAJG5CIm0
  4. gagan_kumar

    important query regarding dual boot of win 8 and win xp

    hi i m running win xp in c drive and planning to go for dual boot of win 8 with it in d drive ok that's the easy part my question is can i remove win 8 later by formatting the d drive and restoring the backup of d drive?? will my system work if i do that or is there any other method to...
  5. harshilsharma63

    How to remove heatsink?

    Hi, I have an Intel DH61WW. all temperatures are low except the PCH which always remains at 43 C in winters. So, I want to remove the southbridge's heatsink, apply some Arctic Silver 5, and fix it again hoping that the temperatures would lower down. But I just cant remove the southbridge...
  6. curioustechy

    removing read only option from word 2010

    I've created a document using office 2003 & set a password to open it as well as another password for allowing editing. Now I'm using office 2010. I wanted to remove both the passwords. But could only remove the first one. How to remove the password for editing
  7. I

    PC Power Up only after cmos is reset

    Hello friends, Im facing this problem for my pc from few days. It wont power up at all. I checked all the voltages and they are fine. Motherboard LED is also off. I removed all the cables and place them back after cleaning everything.Still no luck. I tried using paperclip instead of power...
  8. S

    unable to remove/ repair visual c++

    i tried to remove or repair visual c++ on my laptop... but it is stuck at this : it is unable to find vc_red.msi package.. i guess because of some problem with visual c++ my assassin's creed 3 is stuck at the first screen!!! what is the solution??
  9. abhi.eternal

    Need your review for Bangalore website

    People, this is a project I am currently working on and I need your help. I want you guys to review and critique the website. Please let me know if you like or dislike something.. anything. When I remove the 'beta' tag, I want it to be (almost) perfect. Please click on the image to check...
  10. jkultimate

    A unknown "sign" in home screen on Nokia C2-02

    Ok, my friend has got a Nokia C2-02. Two days back, in his phone a unknown sign is appeared. I can't able to remove it.. :? :? Is it a sign of voice message? How do I remove it?
  11. rhitwick

    Grafics card query

    Guys, right now I'm using a 8800GT of NVIDIA. Now, I'm upgrading my card to MSI HD 7770 which is from ATI. My question might sound n00bish but I had to ask. Do I need to remove all NVIDIA related drivers prior installing the card? What if I do not remove the NVIDIA drivers and install...
  12. image

    Unable to remove memory module compartment cover (Sony VAIO SVE14112EN)

    Hi Guys. I recently bought a Sony Vaio Laptop Model SVE14112EN. SVE14112EN : E Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India I want to upgrade the RAM and ordered 2 Memory modules for 4GB each. VAIO User Guide | Adding and Removing Memory Modules Now when I open the screw of...
  13. quicky008

    Whats the proper method of cleaning LCD screens?

    There were a lot of fingerprints all over my LCD screen,so i tried cleaning them yesterday using a piece of lint free cloth(that was included with my monitor during purchase)that was slightly moistened with plain water-even though i nearly succeeded in removing all the fingerprints,the screen...
  14. amruth kiran

    question regarding SEAGATE PORTABLE 500GB HDD

    HEY GUYS!! i recently was gifted this hdd "SEAGATE PORTABLE 500GB HDD"... after my old one had a few problems ( ironically, the old one i got free too, from DIGIT.:P) anyways, to avoid any hardware problems i connect the hdd to the back usb port at all times. i never remove it. only disable...
  15. A

    remove dotted foucs lines from desktop icons

    it alwys keeps me bothering:-x wen i select a desktop icons coz it shows dotted white line whch is like a bug to my eyes." i want to remove it but dont know how.. google it a lot but no help from there as well. if anyone know how to do dis...pls share ur trick! (BTW AM TAKING ABOUT FOCUS...
  16. R

    URGENT !! Remove VOCAL from mp3

    I want to remove Vocal from mp3 file so that I can sing to the track. The event is 2mrw(23 july). any1 with quick guide how to do it? any software?
  17. S

    galaxy pop hanged

    i have a galaxy pop. i went into the recovery mode but it just hanged while initialising. it is not even getting switched off. please tell me what sould i do. is there any harm if a remove the battery and start it again?
  18. KRISHI101

    How to Remove list of used Bluetooth Devices Name from NOKIA C7-00

    I have Nokia C7.. any body know how to remove the list of last used devices for Bluetooth. I do not know from where i can remove these names. Every time i try to send anything from Bluetooth, the last used devices names comes on screen.. i removed the paired devices.. but these names...
  19. A

    How to remove bloatware/preloaded useless apps on HTC explorer ?

    I bought an HTC explorer and it cam with some preloaded apps which are impossible to remove from the applications management(settings) ! ,such apps : asphalt 6 adrenaline,NDTV,NDTV cricket ! NDTV cricket automatically starts in background whenever i connects my droid to a wifi network , even...
  20. montsa007

    Multiple Problems with Asus K53SV SX520D

    Hiya, I have the following problems on my Asus K53S OS - Win 7 64 Bit -Slow Bootup (Almost 3 minutes from hitting the power button until the desktop, has a password) I run Ccleaner every time I switch it on, use Defraggler, Desktop is half occupied and HDD is 80% empty (Store things on...
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