How to Remove list of used Bluetooth Devices Name from NOKIA C7-00


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I have Nokia C7..

any body know how to remove the list of last used devices for Bluetooth.
I do not know from where i can remove these names.
Every time i try to send anything from Bluetooth, the last used devices names comes on screen..

i removed the paired devices..

but these names still comes on screen..
How to remove these names..

because i have removed the paired devices names but these names still showing..
i searched the net but cant find the answer,
even its not described in Nokia-C7 manual..


There is no particular way you can remove those recently used bluetoot device list while bluetooth search operation shoots up.Its common with s60 nokia devices.
Though if you are in utter need to do so you can try factory reset though its genearally not recommended just for clearing up the Device list.


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yes sujeet..
i done factory setting..

but it has removed all the thing in mobile..
contacts, msg even all memory data..

this mobile is so much costly but nokia didnt add features to it..
in the older nokia6600 nothing is removed while doing factory setting..
but in this mobile it works like format..

hate this..


Yeah thats why in latest nokia phones factory reset is frequently refrenced as hard reset.
I told you that its not recommended and if possible you should have backed up your setting and contacts.
Anyways i am sure your recent device problem is solved.
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