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  1. T

    ubuntu problems...

    hey guys,do you people know how to remove ubuntu ?
  2. ajayritik

    Getting alert C: space is less and need to remove data

    Hi Friends, Recently I find that I'm constantly getting this message C: space is less and need to remove files I don't recollect installing anything newly recently nor have I copied any thing into C: but still I get this message. I have tried removing temp files etc but still get this message...
  3. coderunknown

    [GUIDE][FAQ] Decrapify your Android

    NOTE: I searched and went through many different guide on various sites. Credit goes to the original authors. I have only added some extra descriptions to better understand the uses, removed unavailable apps, did testing to check for stability and divided the list so it becomes easy to find the...
  4. Desmond

    [SOLVED] How to remove stock SMS app in android?

    Hi, I installed a custom ROM in my phone (Dell XCD28) however, I don't like its default messaging app, hence I installed GoSMS. Now, whenever I get a message, it receive two copies of the same message. I tried disabling notifications in the stock app, but it doesn't help. I therefore want to...
  5. R

    Malicious Application on desktop

    Recently, when I started my laptop there was an shortcut on desktop named "Your Game.exe". I thought some app may created it and remove it. But again after I restarted the system next day it came back. I tried many ways to remove it. Biu it's coming back and back again. Is it is a virus or some...
  6. B

    How to remove kubuntu on my windows7 dual boot system?

    I have a computer with Windows7 ultimate on my c: drive kubuntu on my D; drive. I want to uninstall Linux, how do i do this? How do remove duel boot screen also?
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    [SOLVED] Safely Remove Drive option in Win 7 64bit allowing to remove HDD

    Hey guys, just figured out that, under Safely Remove Drive, HDD is an option there. Isn't it odd?? Yet I didn't try to remove that. I'll do that and see what happens before shutting down today.
  8. root.king

    DUAL BOOT windows 7+ubuntu 10.10

    guys i am noob in ubuntu so plz help to installing it on my system. I have disk partition like this c:40gb (xp) d:40gb e:40gb(win 7) f:40gb and now i want to install ubuntu in drive c: and want to remove xp,today when i tried to format and install ubuntu its saying 'no root specified' i'm...
  9. Nipun

    How to safely remove and install motherboard/processor safely?

    I am sorry if this post is very stupid. :oops: I have read at some places that if I dont handle the processor or motherboard carefully, somehow static electricity may harm the components. I really didn't understood about anything.. I dont want to remove any components from it, I want to...
  10. M

    link-local IPv6 Address

    Dear All, I have loaded Windows 2008 Standard server and installed Tally.ERP9. In tally Admin it showing link-local IPv6 Address but not IPv4 and we tried to connect in client systems tally is not running. how to remove or disable link-local IPv6 Address. Can any one reply me Thanks &...
  11. K

    Idm troubles

    Hi Guys, I installed IDM TRAIL VERSION ON Windows XP Home Edition. But I uninstalled it from ADD OR REMOVE. But whenever online when on Mozilla Firefox, it asks to install it automatically and frequently by showing a Dialog Box. How to remove it completely?
  12. M

    This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)

    getting this on mediafire rapidshare sendspace ? ******************************************************** N ADMIN plz remove dis annoying thing this realy SUX:wwe: instead of this put some text matching captcha
  13. J

    sabertooth x58 socket problem

    Hello everyone In the last month i had purchased the asus saberttoh x58 board with my local store. I see in the manual that we have to put dram in a1 and b1 slot but strangely one b11 slot not workin so i thauht that i have to remove it to a2 slot and then it works good.bios shows the 4 gb...
  14. A

    Airtel DTH

    How can we extract videos from Airtel DTH Recorder ? Is it possible to remove and copy videos manually from hard dik drive ?
  15. avichandana20000

    New virus attack

    Trojan.gen.2 has attaced my friend's pc and symantec end point protection 11 has been able to quarantine it only. it cannot remove it . every time he enters into net it gives POPUP "Trojan.gen.2 detected". how can he get rid of it?
  16. mohityadavx

    Pendrive giving trouble

    Hi! I am having a 4Gb Kingston Data Traveler 101 II . It suffer from a strange problem that whenever i try to safely remove it an error message pops up saying "This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again." No matter...
  17. damngoodman999

    Symbian 3 phones -> PC freezing

    Last 4 months i 've been using Nokia C7-00 (symbian 3 ) sometimes using safely remove hardware system freezes suddenly [no keys r working ] have to restart ! Its kind'a weird problem i face more than 3 times , i mean which hardware going burst out first ? PC or Phone ? Which hardware is...
  18. akash22

    firefox problem

    guys many a times whn i m surfing the net my browser reddirects to westbyte.com. i don't knw what problem is this . i have used many antiviruses to remove the adware but none of them does gud except for norton which removes it but after sometimes it again reappear. is there any way to remove it...
  19. Sridhar_Rao

    javascript: search and remove elements on the fly

    There are three identical lists with identical items in same order in a html page. When an element is selected from any of the three lists, the script should search for the occurrence of the same element in other two lists and remove them on the fly from all the three lists. Any help will be...
  20. slashragnarok

    Price of motherboard P67

    please remove this thread..
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