1. sling-shot

    BSNL hijacking internet again?!

    Yesterday at around 12pm or today morning 00am I was just browsing on my mobile Firefox. There were at least 5 - 6 tabs were open hence I had not seen the last few tabs. After reading the early tabs when I arrived at the last 2 I noticed that they were actually addressed and...
  2. 007

    Giveaway - Insurgency

    Hello TDF Gamers - I have few copies of Insurgency left. Post here if you need one. Remember you need to redeem this today fast. :)
  3. ithehappy

    Could someone please tell me how to have UK English, instead of US Craplish?

    I am fed up with this. Every time I am writing an email or something in a blog or here, these meaningless spelling recommendations and red error given on correctly spelled words are beyond my toleration. Colour, red underline, and so many other words which I don't remember right now, disgusting...
  4. Nanducob

    Want To be cool in Facebook

    Hi guise, I wunt to luk cool in fesbook.What shuld i write in 'about me'tab? like this? or like these? remember i just want 2 luk cool.thanks
  5. T

    how much power does my desktop draw

    I have a 600 VA Intex UPS & an iBall Cabinet cum PSU which I think is 350 W , don't remember the exact wattage but it cost me Rs. 1000 (Cabinet + PSU).
  6. A

    Most users ever online was 13,313, 11-04-2012 at 04:08 PM

    What special thing happened on that day, that attracts this lot of people? Does anyone remember?
  7. ithehappy

    Help me to find back a sound boosting setting please..

    Well I formatted my desktop last week after a long time and installed a fresh Win 7 x64, but I am not finding something. My headphone is a Sony XB300 one, and it's an awesome unit but the sound output is low, somewhat, and I don't like it especially when I watch movies. So I found an option to...
  8. Sarath

    Looking for a retail Win 7 HP copy. Where to buy?

    I would like to know of any online store selling Win 7 HP copies or locally in Bangalore where I could get them for the lowest price. FK had them for 7800 but I remember seeing them for much lower (now OOS) . I can only buy a new one. I don't need Win 8. Thanks for looking
  9. ramakanta

    Guide to make strongest passwords

    Here I am posting this ref. to an excellent SANS guide on simple ways to make your passwords stronger, yet still remember them:- A reliable alternative is to use a password manager program. Two of the better ones: KeePass Password Safe...
  10. nikhilsharma007nikx


    i want a gaming config i dont clearly remember the quesion but i remember some of them the ans are_____ -i will overcloac both cpu and gpu -will buy locally prefered nehru place as ill get cheap there -i can increase budget -for ~5k not more than dat -will use my old tvs keyboard mouse...
  11. Tech.Masti

    VFM LED/LCD TV under 14k, Suggestion need

    14 years old Sharp 21 inch CRT TV picture output getting hazy, mono sound, etc, making disturbs, so need to change my TV........ as already bought CableTV set-top box, i need to buy a Value For Money LED/ LCD TV under 14k, have no idea about latest TV market, so need suggestions from you...
  12. S

    Carputer configuration - help

    What is a carputer ? Its a computer inside a car - simple. What is it used for ? Audio, Video, GPS navigation, monitoring car stats through OBD II interface and anything else under the sun you can think of. What are the main components ? 1. A 7 inch touchscreen 2. The carputer 3. All...
  13. A

    plz help me find a english song.

    i want to know the name of the English song i listened it today(12/08/2012) morning in morning English songs program. 06.50am it was playing on your station. in it a singer is singing & saying various great thoughts to be remember in life. i am Desperate to listen to it...
  14. clmlbx

    sites for practicing computer languages (programming)

    hey guys I remember a while back there were sites that had problems which we could solve by any languages known.. I can't remember the name of sites can someone help.. I need to practice.. I am programmer by hobby not by profession so if I don't practice I will forget currently I need to...
  15. G

    Job Portal name required

    hello everyone.. some months ago there was an advertisement in our Digit Magazine about a Job Portal. The ad was in black & white and the name of the portal was something *** & *** Does anyone remember the name of the portal. I really need to register myself there. Please help.
  16. Cool Buddy

    is paypal working in India?

    As far as I remember, Paypal had withdrawn it's services in India. Is it working again?
  17. mitraark

    Help me make a CV

    Well i am in my 3rd year of IT and others have been starting to get busy applying in many places for projects and internship. And the most important thing you need to apply is a Good CV. Since there are a lot of 'seniors' :oops: here i hoped to get a few good tips :D One internship we have...
  18. M

    PC boots but then shuts down midway of booting

    or after a few seconds after successful booting.My config is as below: intel Q8200 quad core MSI P-45 Neo-F kingston 2 GB *2 DDR2 RAM Corsair VX-450 APC EN550 UPS Palit graphics card(Just don't remember the model number of the card.) Dell 19" LCD monitor.(Again don't remember the model...
  19. A

    visual studio 2010 in which month of digit?

    i want to install vs 2010. but dont know which month's dvd had it?does anyone remember? doesnt anyone remember?
  20. RCuber

    Who's Winning?

    Hello Guys , Sorry for the funny title, anyway its good to be back on Digit Forum. Its been long time since I ventured into anything related to computer hardware. ( been busy :( ) Anyway coming to the point, I have a couple of questions related to what's happening in the hardware world...
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