1. ax3

    quake 1 & 2 !!!

    hi, recently in which months dvd has demo games like quake, quake 2 etc ??? just cant find it ... would like to play them again ... thanx
  2. G

    Lan connection between winXP and win7

    Hello digit! My uncle has ethernet connected to a desktop with winXP. He recently bought a laptop which has win7 installed. He wants to connect the laptop to the internet to. The fact is I have no idea how to set up a lan connection in winXP over a modem, recently learned doing so in win7. I...
  3. hari1

    PC keeps restarting after BIOS

    I am having a big problem with my PC right now. It keeps restarting 4-5 seconds after BIOS screen and before Windows boots. While Windows 7 was running, I inserted my earphone on the back of the PC and it restarted and went into a loop. I can boot into BIOS just fine and can also successfully...
  4. sling-shot

    Android launcher with most used or recently installed app drawer sorting method?

    Basically I am looking for a launcher replacement app that allows me to sort the app drawer into ascending, descending alphabetical, recently installed, most used ways. I like Nova Launcher but it does not seem to provide this option. Could you suggest anything?
  5. G VPN????

    Hi, recently I've been getting a security msg of sorts, that too from tells me to install HIDE.ME VPN to make myself anonymous. it also says it can help with the throttling issue from my ISP (MTS) which also i started having problems with very recently...i've heard that MTS...
  6. A

    Headphones for 8k

    So guys I saved more over a few months and now have a bigger budget around 8k. Quoting my original post a few months ago below: Recently my old headphones, Sennheiser HD202 started having some issues (the left ear wire became a bit loose, so the sounds keeps getting cut off intermittently), so...
  7. B

    Canon PIXMA iP 1980 printer driver

    Technology for printing most recently updated by canon, After download Canon PIXMA iP 1980 printer driver now get more facility for printing photo, Recently I visit several place of Switzerland and take some beautiful photo when printing with my favorite Canon PIXMA its relay those looking...
  8. Cyberghost

    How to backup and restore Origin Games??

    Hii I recently bought simcity from origin. I want to know how to backup this origin game.... Please help....
  9. A

    Need a new AV for my office

    Hey guys...we have recently purchased about 8 new systems for our office. I need an effective AV for all systems. Any suggestions?
  10. saz

    Dying hard disks...Both internal and external

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem...I initially had 3 HDDs (1 WD and 2 Segate) and 1 SSD. But recently both the Segate HDDs have failed. One of them is not even detected where as the other one is giving S.M.A.R.T error in bios while booting. Apart from these I had two external HDDs, now...
  11. D

    Suggestions for 24 inch 1080p monitor.

    Recently bought a MSI GtX 770 and i need a good 1080p monitor. Not willing to go beyond 1080p at the moment. Help me out.
  12. akash22

    3.93 gb usable in 64 bit os

    Guys, I am using win 7 64 bit os and 4x2gb ddr3 ram ... bt recently i noticed that it is only using 3.93 gb ram.why is that??
  13. sling-shot

    Suggestion for Android application developers

    Recently I have bought my first Android device in the form a Sony Xperia ZR. I have been using its in-built Notes application. The good points regarding this are : [1] It has a widget that does not occupy the full screen. It occupies may be around 1/4th of the screen area of this phone. This...
  14. ajayritik

    Best method to back up important data especially Pictures and Videos

    I have a huge collection of Personal Photos and Videos. Most of these I have been burning recently on Verbatim Dual Layer DVD. However recently read somewhere that it's better to upload these online rather than taking backup. So which among the following is the best option to back up data. 1...
  15. bukaida

    Upgrading Dad's Machine-- Will there be any compatibility issue ?

    My old machine is now used by my DAD for typing and browsing. Recently I have installed skype for video chatting with my brother and sister who stay abroad. The computer has a Intel original 865GBF Motherboard with 2.4/512/533 P4 CPU. The board supports 4 DDR 1 RAMs upto 400 MHz. Now I am having...
  16. webgenius

    Installing Android tablet in car

    Currently I'm using a Pioneer in-audio entertainment system for FM and MP3 via USB. It has been almost close to 3 years since I started to use this, and I need a change now. Recently I have started to use Google Navigation and Sygic Navigator of mobile in the car recently. For this purpose, I...
  17. curioustechy

    Beep sound during startup and weird keyboard issue

    1) Recently all of a sudden, my cpu started producing a continuous beep sound during startup which lasts about 10 seconds. There is no problem in booting up but this shrill voice causes annoyance. 2) Also recently certain keys on my keyboard ceased working (left ctrl, f2, tilde...etc...
  18. bestpain

    my recently build pc

    recently i build a gaming are some pics my question is is it safe to leave case open? .....i can see layer dust on my graphics cards i dont have any power button so i use screw driver to power....just touch the motherboard pins with tester and it powers problem in it. my...
  19. M


    HI friends i have just joined this community recently but i want to know the more detail about new technology.
  20. sam9953

    LAN Card does not get detected sometimes?

    Hi guys, I have recently started to face another problem with my PC, my PC is nearly 8 years old and the LAN card is also nearly the same age and recently what is happening is that my device does not recognize the LAN card and does not read it, because of this the internet does not get connected...
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