Blue Screen Problem


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I have purchased in Jun 2008an AMD Processor Dual core X2 6400+ and ASUS Motherboard(M3n78-EM) CPU with 2gb transcend ram and 250gb harddisk .
I hav installed genuine Windows XP Sp3 recently and Protect with KIS 2012
and i hope my system is virus free bcoz i generally scan all the usbs and whole computer once in a while.

Recently while working with my system my system crashes suddenly with a bluescreen and gets started.

Is it due to RAM or any other problem. Softwares installed are valid and nothing harmful. I hope my sys is virus free as i protect with kis 2012.

Please suggest a solution


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check for a minidump folder inside C:\Windows\. If it is there, compress and upload it to any file sharing site and post the link here. We can analyze the file and can give you details about the crash.
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