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Suggestion for Android application developers


Wise Old Owl
Recently I have bought my first Android device in the form a Sony Xperia ZR. I have been using its in-built Notes application.
The good points regarding this are :

[1] It has a widget that does not occupy the full screen. It occupies may be around 1/4th of the screen area of this phone. This leaves enough room for me to add other objects to the screen or to allow the beautiful wallpaper behind that to be appreciated.

[2] The widget has shortcuts to create a new note and also list all the existing ones.

[3] The application shows the recently updated notes first in its listing.

[4] It allows creation of check boxed lists.

However I have seen that it has the following serious negative features for me :

[1] It is very very slow. For a note taking application. I have never used it for anything other than text based notes and to do lists.

[2] There does not seem to be an option to add a due date for the tasks and make it show up in the calendar. If that can be added it would be very good.

[3] There is an unnecessary second tap needed to enter the edit mode for a note.

So basically I am looking for an application that has the usability feature of the standard notes application but focused on text only notes thus being responsive.

Does anybody feel so? I understand that there are many other advanced note taking applications on the Play Store.
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