Best method to back up important data especially Pictures and Videos


I have a huge collection of Personal Photos and Videos. Most of these I have been burning recently on Verbatim Dual Layer DVD. However recently read somewhere that it's better to upload these online rather than taking backup. So which among the following is the best option to back up data.

1. External HDD
2. Online Upload
3. Burning on DVD (Single Layer or Dual)

As mentioned this will be primarily for Personal Photos and Videos. Since will access this in the future anytime I don't want to get into a position where I lose these. I think Drop Box looks decent option but not sure about the security. Also if external HDD is an option what if it crashed should I have to use two backups then one in Internal HDD and the other in External HDD.


Back it up on an Online Web server , as well as any thumb drive.
Chances of mechanical devices failing are likely to happen.


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Hope to get more responses on this one.

Dropbox and/or Box both are storages on the cloud,with good security aspects.Free Back-up capacity may be 5GB for each one,not sure...please confirm friends.
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