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  1. D

    Tablet for movies/light games/reading <10K

    Hi All! 1. Budget? <10k (strict budget, can only extend by 2K if that makes it "perfect") 2. Display type and size? Type Best suited for movies/videos/light reading FULL HD would be best fit. HD with "good" screen - would be okay (i.e. nice PPI, bright screen, good viewing angles) Size 8" -...
  2. M

    tablet for reading books for 12k

    hi.. i need a tablet for reading books. thats it. should i go for Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series 32GB Windows Tablet.. availabe for 11.5k at Dell Venue 8 Pro (WiFi, 32GB), Black: Amazon.in: Electronics or should i go for xiomi mi pad.. Mi pad has android of which i am not a fan.. please suggest...
  3. sling-shot

    BSNL hijacking internet again?!

    Yesterday at around 12pm or today morning 00am I was just browsing on my mobile Firefox. There were at least 5 - 6 tabs were open hence I had not seen the last few tabs. After reading the early tabs when I arrived at the last 2 I noticed that they were actually addressed http://mail.bsnl.in/ and...
  4. M

    Best monitor among these 4? (HP Pavilion 22fi, Dell S2240L, ViewSonic VX2270SMH, AOC i2269Vwm)

    I need to buy an IPS monitor(use: movies and reading) online and I'm short listed these 4. Which one is the better quality display? ViewSonic 21.5 inch LED Backlit - VX2270 smh Monitor Price in India - Buy ViewSonic 21.5 inch LED Backlit - VX2270 smh Monitor online at Flipkart.com AOC...
  5. Ricky

    Lots of HDD activity

    Hi, I have been lately facing this problem of overly active hard disk. I have two HDD is my computer, first is SSD with windows 8.1 installed on it and second is 1 TB for storage. Now thing is that it randomly starts showing lots of activity on second HDD and from resource Monitor I can see...
  6. A

    Please suggest a Tablet for my dad , easy browsing, reading and navigating(touch sensitivity)

    The primary use will be reading newspapers online, surfing net watching youtube videos etc. No gaming. Please suggest a budget tablet. Also the touch and the display should be good. And with SIM Have not decided about the budget yet, starting from 5K
  7. M

    DICTIONARY Extentions /add-ons needed for internet/mobile browsers.

    I search through and read a lot on internet. I dont understand the meanings of many words while reading. are there any Add-On's/extentions available in popular internet browsers so that if i select the word which i dont know, it will show me dictionary meaning of word. i will be happy...
  8. vijju6091

    Good article for PC building guide India

    While reading through I came across this article which blew me away Please read as it is totaly based on Indian gaming PC building and guided...
  9. mitraark

    Tablet for reading PDF and browsing, 15k

    Need to buy a tablet mainly for reading PDF, and surfing, mostly reading... budget is 15k Need suggestions as to what should be the ideal size for reading purposes, 8+ inches? Planning on using it while travelling, so a 7" would be easier to carry but will it be too small? Shortlisted Asus...
  10. pkkumarcool

    [Want to Buy] Android tablet with 3g and calling

    want to buy nexus a tablet should 3g,calling,android,fast processor,ram.Will mainy use for reading ebooks and web browing and youtube videos.Budget-5-6k
  11. B

    Tablet Under10K

    hi to all i need advice reg the price range is up to primary objective of the tab is , also DOC, PPT the size of the PDF May go up to 150mb, so i need such a tab which will smoothly handle big PDF file it should quickly load and scrolling should be quick. its required for...
  12. A

    kindle cloud reader app

    downloaded this on win 8 from chrome store-does it offer any free reading and offliine reading for kids
  13. J

    Need help with android programming.

    Okay so my task is to create a multi-format file reader app to open/read/edit files of different formats(like .docx,.xls,.odf etc). Problem is I cannot figure out how to do this. I just started reading the developer section but there is nothing specific on how to do this. Any tips from the...
  14. S

    should i buy xolo tegra note?

    I am planning to buy a new tablet, basically for reading books and gaming. Nexus 7 is great for reading books and tegra note is great for gaming. I am confused what i should buy.
  15. vamsi360

    Hi next-gen

    Hi all, I just logged in after so many years. Feels great to see the community grow. I grew up reading Digit for 4 years non-stop.:lol:
  16. A

    Advice for tablet under 15k

    I am looking to buy a tablet under 15k and my requirements are: 1) A 9.7 inch or more display 2) Decent screen for reading My use for this tablet will only be reading e-books, magazines and comics. Any other feature is redundant for me. I only need a stable e-book reader that has a decent...
  17. H

    Best Tablet for reading and watching movies under 16K ?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a new tablet under 16k. My main uses for this tablet are reading books and viewing movies. Please suggest me a tablet with the best display and battery back up under 16k. The tabs I'm currently interested in are Nook HD+ and Kindle Fire HD and I can't able to finalise one...
  18. PikachuTrAiNeR

    El cheapo tablet mostly for PDF reading

    Took the questions I thought were most relevant from the mobile questionnaire. 1. Budget? Sub-5k would be great. 2. Display type and size? Something legible. 10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)? Primary use: reading A4-sized PDFs, one page at a time...
  19. chaitanya2106

    Tablet under 20k

    Hi, I need to buy a tablet that's best for reading newspaper articles, editorials,etc. It is for my uncle who is very fond of reading english content from international newspapers/news groups. He originally had a Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 & he liked it. But he gave away that device due to some...
  20. S

    Help buying a Lap(2313ax, good enogh?)

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40,000 INR 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Nope!! 4) What are the primary...
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