Tablet Under10K

Bibin Abraham

Right off the assembly line
hi to all
i need advice reg

the price range is up to

primary objective of the tab is
reading PDF files
also DOC, PPT
the size of the PDF May go up to 150mb, so i need such a tab which will smoothly handle big PDF file
it should quickly load and scrolling should be quick.

its required for educational purpose referring many books quickly.

can anybody tell me wht will be the best option, also if i buy AMAZON kiddle, can it be used for reading PDF files

thanking all


Broken In
You can get nexus 7 (2012) under 10,000.It is capable of rendering large .pdf files.I loaded a bike manual once(with tons of pictures), on my friend's nexus.I must say it was quite good in landscape mode.

Kindle Paperwhite is very good if you will be reading .azw,.mobi or .epub.You can read PDF's too but office files such as .doc, needs some third party tools.

Bibin Abraham

Right off the assembly line

1)can the pdf files be converted to the .azw, .mobi or .epub?
2) if kindle can handle pdf, it will be excelent option , coz i can covert all doc to pdf...isnt it

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