Advice for tablet under 15k


Right off the assembly line
I am looking to buy a tablet under 15k and my requirements are:

1) A 9.7 inch or more display
2) Decent screen for reading

My use for this tablet will only be reading e-books, magazines and comics. Any other feature is redundant for me. I only need a stable e-book reader that has a decent display for reading. I need the larger screen for the magazines as you have to scroll a lot on the smaller tabs.

A few tabs that i considered were:
Karbonn smart tab 10( It is pretty cheap at around 9.5k and seems to fulfill my needs)
Zync Quad 9.7 (This is THE tablet i wish to buy but cannot find it anywhere)

any other suggestions?


Reading ebooks is hard on a 10 incher,u sure u want 10inch only? If not nexus 7 32GB is a great deal....
Still if u need one you can save money & go with karbonn smarttab 10...just OK for reading...Not a good multimedia tab...But if you
Want a vfm 10 inch tab in 15k go for iBall iSlide Q9703... Its quad core A7 proccy,great ips display of 264ppi(very good for reading and movies!), a good gpu if u decide 2 play games.... u can buy it on snapdeal..


Right off the assembly line
Kindle is black and white and not so great for magazines which i have in pdf format.

Hmmm i want a 10 inch one because i tried a 7 inch hcl me a friend had and while it is fine for regular e books whereas for books in pdf like magazines which are inherently of a larger size pose an issue and i have scroll sideways a lot which bugs me. I have also used(not owned) an ipad and it felt more comfortable to me for reading. I will surely take a look at the iball tab you mentioned the specs look good.
And how is the iberry axus coreX4 3g?

Haha, a wide change in my opinion now.

I just came back from an apple store, saw both the ipad mini and the 4th gen ipad, the mini made a lot more sense to me now that i held it and played around for a little while. The 8 inch form factor is appealing to me a lot now. Also i increased my budget to around 21k. The ipad mini 16gb wifi only is costing around 20,800 after student discount and stuff. Then i also saw the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 8.0 it is nice too with the wifi version costing 21,700 on flipkart.

I am truly confused now. The 8 inch form factor does appeal to me more than both 7 and 10 inch ones. I loved the design of the ipad mini but then again ios is bugging me. The galaxy tab 3 8.0 has andriod but really outdated processor and reviews are not very positive and report of issues with the tab.

Sigh this is really difficult now.
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