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  1. S

    question about smps

    I am plannig to by a core i3 desktop whoes cofig is given bellow- processor-core i3-530(2.93 GHz) mboard-MSI P55M-GD45 RAM-3GB(2+1) DDR3 1333MHZ STRONTIUM GRAPHICS CARD-SAPPHIRE ATI RADEONE HD5570 HDD-1TB WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR GREEN MONITOR-BENQ LED V2200 ECO PC CASE-ZEBRONICS ANTIBIOTIC.MY...
  2. W

    IIT JEE unsolved question papers

    Can anyone plz send me the link for IIT UNSOLVED question papers
  3. atanupal

    I have created KBC game, please have a look

    I have created KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati - Big B Version) game, please have a look The url is .......: Downloads just search for Kaun Banega Crorepati....... You can directly download it from http://atanupal.netfirms.com/Kaun%20Banega%20Crorepati.zip It is just 240 kb in size...
  4. clinton

    Backup QuerryHello Friends I have a question regarding backing up of disks.My PC has

    Backup Querry Hello Friends I have a question regarding backing up of disks.My PC has been performing slowly these days and I want to reinstall the OS ("not format,just OS reinstall"),but I dont want to lose all my "installed" software's,apps,settings. So my question is that in this case...
  5. S

    Password problem

    Hi friends, I have serious problem. I have one yahoo mail id. just yesterday i changed my password and today i forgot the password. there is no more mail address connected to this id also i forgot the answer of the security question. Please help me. it is olde one and lots of important mails are...
  6. D


    How can one jnin digit after 12 for job pls tell me
  7. avichandana20000

    Monitor quest

    CAN WE START A NEW THREAD ON MONITOR ONLY ? 1) mention your monitor with COMPANY name and MODEL no, 2)date purchased and by how much 3)supported by which mobo and/or graphics card 4)PROBLEMS found 5)any special features of your monitor. 6) any tweaks you have done to it 7) any...
  8. rajwansh2003

    simple programming question.

    why there are so many data types and why limitation of range
  9. V

    can't get newsletter

    hi. i subscribe digit news letter for get daily question. but i can not get my question . anyone help me?
  10. J

    FAQ Drop Down script

    Need to create a F.A.Q for your Web site? Use this JavaScript to hide/reveal content on a Web page. Keep your long documents short.... detail at JavaScriptBank.com - 2.000+ free JavaScript codes Demo: JavaScript FAQ Drop Down script How to setup Step 1: Place JavaScript below in...
  11. Kulz

    arp -a equvalent in Linux

    This might be a very basic question , but please help me with this : Whats the equivalent command in linux for " arp -a" ?
  12. mns.saraf


    do anyone know the answer of THE TIMES BIG REWARD OFFER QUESTION - Where is TBR happening? a) Mumbai b) London c) Singapore
  13. A

    A few queries here

    Hey guys I just wanted to ask 2 questions 1. I m currently using win xp and win 7 RC. Now I m going to buy win 7 home premium. But I want to know how can I remove Win 7 RC from boot menu. The installation of win 7 will be able to repair the bootloader or not. 2. My second question is...
  14. CA50

    Tell the truth....

    Simple question: Do you support Piracy???:twisted::twisted:
  15. INS-ANI

    Digit quiz zone

    Hey guys.. Lets start a thread with technology/business/etc quiz. Lets start with a question can you identify this logo? More question coming up...
  16. Anorion

    Which is the better archiving software

    Ok, you have to be a little quick on this. I was thinking of replacing Winrar with 7zip as the essential unpackaging and packaging utility, but met with some opposition... wanted to settle the question, so just want to know which is the better of the two according to you.
  17. NewsBytes

    Indian price, PC system requirements for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 unveiled

      The one thing that all PC gamers had on the back of their minds was one nagging question. Will my trusted PC be able to run the most sought after game of 2009 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?   GameStop has done the whole community a favour in answering that question by revealing the...
  18. V

    recovering gmail pass

    Hello guys I had an email act with gmail whose pass i forget and also the alternate email add and the answer of the security question, but i have an other act with gmail and the answer to the security question is same with the act whose pass i forget ,is there any software where i can just...
  19. D

    Help Required for Laptop Graphics!!

    Im going to buy a budget laptop arnd 35-40 k The only graphic options are 1- intel gma x4500mhd 2- nvidia geforce 8200m g Both r Dx 10.0 and support pixel shader 4.0 So my question is which one is better? Which one should I go for as i am a casual gamer. And how much memory (shared) is...
  20. Nithu

    Best CPU Cooler under 2K

    Guys pls help me... My Q8200 reaches 59*c on idle and 74*c on load..... Can you suggest me best CPU cooler with good performance under Rs. 2000/-.... I have one more question, does the CPU cooler comes with cooling fan and thermal paste??...or purchase separately??.... Thnx in advance....
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