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  1. codename_romeo

    WD or Seagate ?????

    Going in for a new 500GB hdd. After lots of browsing through the forum i saw that there are people who would say that seagate has a higher failure rate than WD and some say otherwise. I am getting WD and seagate for roughly 3k in my city. But the question is that i wantu know which is better in...
  2. T

    An interesting operating systems/ computer architecture question

    Why is the interrupt vector stored in the low memory? can it be stored in high memory? This is the question my teacher asked the very first day in operating systems class. I studied whole day but cudnt come to a conclusion .. i think its because the high memory is used for user space.. But...
  3. A

    Airtel broadband 512Kbps connection sharing for 2 pcs

    I want to share connection between 2 PCs at my home. My connection is Airtel broadband 512 Kbps. First of all, my question is whether sharing is allowed in the airtel broadband? Second question is, how to do it using a switch. I have D-Link 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch. It worked yesterday...
  4. G

    How to turn on bluetooth on Laptop Samsung R508?

    I have purchased new laptop but I do not know how to use the bluetooth feature in this laptop. The bluetooth is in-built with this laptop but no clue. Hence, I request the advanced technologist to answer my question in this forum.
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Proxy Hosting - Help needed

    hi guys i need a hosting or tutorial on how to have a proxy for my p.s use... i dont want a web-proxy.. i want a host or want to route my traffic thru the proxy ... how to do it ? i have a hosting now .. paid one .. i dont know how to setup a proxy server on it can anyone help me hope my...
  6. shaunak

    Mumbai University - Sem 3 - Electronics

    Are tutions necessary for Sem III electronics? Every body seems to be joining for Basic Electronics Communication and Digital Design. I am quite bewildered. To join or not to join, that is the question. Also, can someone give me a short booklist for Sem III?
  7. abhijit_reddevil

    Which power inverter to buy?

    Hi friends, Due to frequent power cuts in our locality in the range of 4-6 hrs daily combined with temperatures around 38-40 deg during daytimes, our family has decided to buy a power inverter. I have calculated the rating and I think inverters in the range of 600-700VA should be sufficient...
  8. L

    Plasma TV and lcd tv

    Hi all, My uncle is going to buy 42 inch HDTV next week with a budget of 50k.He is confused between plasma and lcd,also which brand and model.Also he will be using cable connection on it.My question is,will a hdtv provide a better picture than old crt when viewing sd content.
  9. FilledVoid

    Question about Paypal.

    Hey all, I have a question about Paypal. Is there a facility on Paypal where you could put certain amount of USD on your paypal account and be able to purchase stuff online. Example. user A has a paypal account however he does not have his card details entered (not verified) is it still...
  10. P

    Please help...

    I ordered a dell studio 15 and its expected delivery date is 30th march. The laptop status is "work in progress". In between, price has been slashed by 1k. So my question is will dell adjust this price? I havent called them yet.
  11. Y

    how to add images to your post

    simple question|noobs question How to add images to the post ?
  12. ajayritik

    Best Wireless Internet available

    Firstly friends I have searched the forum for answer to my question but I was not able to get a precise answer that I'm looking for. I'm Sorry if some of you think that this question has already been asked and that I should not have posted it again. Now coming to the question. One of my friends...
  13. M

    Dynamic IP Question - Please Answer

    Hi Friends, Got a Question I am using Airtel BB which assigns dynamic IP after each successful MODEM reboot. Suppose at one point of time my IP address is 122.xx.xx.123 (Say), now when I reboot the MODEM the IP becomes 122.xx.xx.111. So what happens to previous IP Address i.e. 122.xx.xx.123...
  14. MetalheadGautham

    IGNOU - Indira Gandhi National Open University

    I am starting this thread for discussion about this rather different-from-normal university. My first question is, What exactly IS IGNOU, and how does it work ?
  15. panacea_amc

    << Dataone New User Blues >>

    hello people, i have a question. i got my new dataone connection..i got my username and password...where do i go to to see my account usage?? i have not got any portal ids>.. thanks!
  16. hjpotter92

    GMAIL trouble

    I have forgot my password to my gmail account, along with its security question. Is there any way round to get/retrieve/change my password on GMAIL?
  17. D

    Yahoo Id Related Question

    Dear All Members Wish You All Happy new Year. My Question is i have got one of my friend yahoo id. but i want to find out how many other id he is having in yahoo with the help of one id which i have. is there any way i can trace or find out with the email id i m having of the same. any...
  18. D

    HCL Leaptop

    Hi Everyone, My friend has brought an HCL AXP2423 laptop with 3GB Ram + 160 GB Harddisk + Intel processor for Rs. 31000. I thought of buying the same, but my question is this model is good and also is it advicable to prefer HCL. Can you people give me your suggestions.
  19. T

    Paypal verification without Credit Card! Possible??

    Hello I am having a problem in verifying my PayPal account in India, as you might have guessed I don't have a CC :( but got some funds in my PP which I'd like to buy some stuff. My account is not verified due to the CC issue but I DO have a bank account and I successfully integrated it with...
  20. Ecko

    A Simple C Question

    We'll a very simple C question here related with data structures I want to know if Binary Search can be done in Linked List :confused: An explanation will be highly appreciated :D:D
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