1. bssunilreddy

    Most Anticipated PC Games of 2017

    Hai, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard -24,January,2017 For Honor -14,February,2017 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands -7,March,2017 NieR: Automata -10,March,2017 Mass Effect: Andromeda -23,March,2017 Star Citizen -TBC,2017 Prey -TBC,2017 Crackdown 3 -TBC,2017 Dawn of War III -TBC,2017 Quake...
  2. warfreak


    Surprised there is no announcement tread yet. I thought this forum was full of Quake fans. :thinking_NF: Anyhoo.. Quake Champions!! :D With the new Unreal Tournament and this, hope we see a return of the great rivalry of Arena FPS. E3 2016: Quake Champions Is PC-Only for Launch, But Console...
  3. Cyberghost

    Quake Champions

    Quake. Is. Back. The fast, skill-based arena-style competition that turned the original Quake games into multiplayer legends is making a triumphant return with Quake Champions. Running at an impressive 120hz with unlocked framerates, id Software’s new multiplayer shooter is getting ready to...
  4. Cyberghost

    Earthquake Shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan, India; At Least 11 Dead

    KABUL — A deadly magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit northeastern Afghanistan on Monday, and was felt hundreds of miles away in Pakistan and India. The temblor struck at around 2:10 p.m. (5:10 a.m. ET). The quake came just days after rain fell in many parts of Afghanistan, making mud-built houses...
  5. comp@ddict

    DragonBallZ - Bid For Power

    As the title suggests, anyone played this FREE Standalone Quake III Arena MOD?
  6. amitava82

    Quake Live: Play Quake III for FREE from your Browser!

    Link: *www.quakelive.com/ Wiki In short, Quake Live IS Quake III. Only difference is that it's FREE and it plays off from browser!!! Just like any regular game in terms of gameplay. I've been keeping eye on QuakeLive for sometime now and it's ready for beta. Looks like Id...
  7. M

    Eathquake hits mumbai

    Tremors were felt in early hours of morning in Mumbai on 17th September 2008. At around 3:15 a.m. mumbai was shook by an earthquake of yet unknown magnitude. The details should be confirmed by the media today. It was higher than the previous quake, that occured in June 2008. Co-incidently...
  8. Krazzy Warrior

    Urban Terror Help

    Urban Terror v4.1 Help I had never played any game online..yes..u sound correct... This is my first game that I am going to play online with my brother and u all... Plz guide me How to setup a server;How to join server;what to do to play online etc etc beacuse I am a total newbie in online...
  9. warfreak

    Quake 3 Maximum Detail ?(Screenshot request)

    I am preparing screenshots for comparing Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament.(Same old "grudge match" of the previous millennium.) So I need the maximum detail to which both the games can be pushed. I already know how to do it for UT (Thanks to the Beyond Unreal Forums) Can anyone tell me if...
  10. Cyrus_the_virus

    Comparison of Free First Person shooters

    About a week ago, Joe Barr posted a feature on Linux.com titled "New Alien Arena 6.10 blows away its FPS competition" yet gave no real comparisons with other similar games, regretable since his conclusion was that it "blows away its competition". This was done in the same style as Barr's...
  11. N

    Quake 3 a free game?

    I played Quake 3 demos earlier. Recently I knew its script is now available for free. So, does that mean its free? And if yes, can I have the installer(not source)?
  12. Shloeb

    Quake 4 freezes

    I am playing Quake 4 at med settings at 800x600 with shadows turned off. The gameplay is very smooth. But at certain points the game just freezes. The sound plays in the background but the picture just freezes. Sometimes it comes out of this. But sometimes a blue screen comes "Windows has been...
  13. S


    Is quake 4 any good? or ne other later version of quake?
  14. Third Eye

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo is coming

    Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Demo Released Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (ET:QW) is a first-person shooter video game, and is the follow-up to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. However, it is set in the same science fiction universe as Quake II and Quake 4, with a...
  15. littlegoku

    Quake 4 saved game

    Hi everyone.Can anyone please send me the saved game file of Data Storage Security level of Quake 4?If anyone has that file please send it to rahul1989@gmail.com.Thanks in advance.
  16. N

    Unable to play Quake III

    Hi guys I have a peculiar problem Whenever I start Quake III Arena and start a single player game, I get back to the console and I get an error saying "Not a JPEG File : starts with 0x2e 0x26". What does this mean and how do I start playing the single player mode? Thnks
  17. Third Eye

    Quake 4 Multiplayer Demo (New)

    Quake 4 Multiplayer Demo Details: The new Multiplayer Demo comes with three maps, VERTICON (q4xtourney2), OVER THE EDGE (q4dm7) and SPEED TRAP (q4ctf3) for your enjoyment. The Quake 4 v1.4.2 Multiplayer Demo is not compatible with any other versions of Quake 4, including the retail edition...
  18. C

    Quake wars beta availible.

    Quake wars free public betas now availible at: *www.fileplanet.com Just got my key :)
  19. D

    List of free/open source 3d game engines

    Free Engines Agar (engine) - A high-level graphical application framework used by 2D and 3D computer games Allegro library - A free crossplatform C/C++ game programming library, provides functions for graphics, sounds, input, timers, fixed and floating point, 3d, compressed datafile and a...
  20. Y

    Gaming in linux

    I am starting this new thread for linu gaming. we can post all the games that are available in linux and the way to configure them. I hope this will make even non technical persons join the linux brigade. Starting with id quake 2 , quake 3 and doom3 are available for linux and id software's...
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