1. furious_gamer

    Replacing E7400 with Q6600, a wise decision?

    So as you know, I tried to play GTA IV couple of days before and even with an GPU upgrade(GTX 750Ti), I didn't see huge improvements. So, after lot of digging online, find that Quad core makes hell a lot of sense to play GTA IV. Since I'm very short on budget, my search for old Quads began! I...
  2. A

    suggest LOW COST (MINIMUM COST) MOBO for CPU Intel Q6600

    Pls suggest LOW COST (MINIMUM COST) MOBO for CONFIG: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz CPU Platform:LGA775 (FC-LGA6) PSU: Corsair CX 430 V2 OS:Win7 Ultimate (x64) RAM:DDR2-SDRAM 4 GB [2Gbx1, 1Gbx2] GPU:Sapphire RADEON HD 5670 - 1GB DDR5 - PCIe v2.0 x16 HDD:WDC 250 GB...
  3. newway01

    Q6600 or Q8400 - Which is Better?

    As the title says, pls solve this dilemma for me Q6600 Specs - 8MB Cache, 2.45ghz, 1066mhz FSB Q8400 Specs - 4MB Cache, 2.66ghz, 1333mhz FSB Whats the deciding factor for processor series? Say, in case of Nvidia GPU's we know that a 8800 series provides better performance than 9500...
  4. R

    New Motherboard for Intel Core 2 Quad 2.45 Ghz [Q6600]

    Hi :) A friend of mine has following hardware specifications: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.45 Ghz [Q6600] DG33FB [Intel Original] Hyenix DDR2 8 GB RAM [2 x 4] He is looking for a motherboard that supports at least 16 GB of ram with his current processor.Please suggest the best compatible...
  5. X

    Q6600 intel processor

    Hello fellas, I am looking for a Q6600 cpu preferably without warranty. If anybody wants to sell his then please pm me. Thanks. Edit:Got the processor.
  6. tkin

    GPU For 10k!

    Please suggest a GPU for 10k max, from both camps. From AMD camp I think 5770 takes the cake for VFM, how much is a 6850 now-a-days? From nVidia, have GTX460 1GBs fallen to 10k yet? This is a bit urgent, my friends 8800GT crapped out again, this time he's gonna upgrade. System Specs...
  7. papa

    Display Garbled

    Hi..everybody out there. Recently I am facing a queer situation.The display...especially the letters and fonts become garbled with lot of black dots and lines suddenly.Even the desktop icon breaks into half and are inverted.This generally happens when browsing.There is no other way but to...
  8. papa

    CPU Coolers

    Hi all out there. Can anybody suggest me a very silent yet powerful cpu cooler for my intel q6600 please?
  9. Dangerous Dave

    Motherboard for Q6600

    hello. I need a motherboard for my Q6600 processor. Budget = 5k and I need to buy urgently. P45 chipset preferred. Thank you. :)
  10. sourishzzz1234

    Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

    AM from Kolkata...i tried to find a thermal paste and a ASUS/SUnbeam Heatsink in and around Chandni but none of the shops have it....where can i get these two products and what would be the cost...?? I USE a core 2 Quad Q6600 and it's temperature is always around 60 C i guess it's not Ok...so...
  11. rosemolr

    Please help me with ma Q6600

    Hai fellas, i have a pc with Q6600 processor and DG33fb mobo.now i'am using it as itself in factory default setting..now i'am thinking of overclocking to get good spped for ma programs.please suggest me some ideas ..Thanks is advance
  12. A

    E7300 For Sale

    Bought a couple of months back. >2 years warranty left. Rs4750 shipped anywhere in India Reason: Going in for Q6600.
  13. desiibond

    AMD Phenom II benchmarks out!! Goodbye Q94xx

    AMD finally has a processor that can beat Intel Quad cores that are at a higher price point. But the sad truth. Phenom II is nowhere near to core i7. Phenom II 940 can do is compete with Core2Duo E8600 and Q9400 and Q9450. I am looking at Extremetech and in real time tests: 1) Video...
  14. M

    Q6600 problem

    So I have a q6600 processor and I have the program coretemp. Each core idles around 36-39c and maxes at around 45c. The problem is that it's showing that it's running at 1596.81 mhz all the time. The computer is about a month old and when I first started using it it went back and forth from...
  15. R

    Buying a new gaming pc

    Hi Guys, I am going to buy a PC ONLY FOR GOOD GAMING. I research myself and get a configuration. I am willing to spend 30k -35k on CPU. processor -- Intel core 2 Quad Q6600 Motherboard -- D975XBX2,DP35DP,DX38BT Graphics Card -- XFX NVIDIA GEFORCE 9400GT ATI RADEON HD4550...
  16. soumya

    Overclock world record: Q6600 2.4GHz run at 5.1GHz

    What a ridiculous project! But how awesome would it be to be the hardcore system building nerds they asked to do this? A couple months ago, a French Tom’s Hardware-related superteam got together to overclock an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz as far as it would go. They just put up the pictures...
  17. K

    need help OVERCLOCKING 8600GT

    i got an XFX8600GT 512 ddr2 and i wanna overclock it a little. im new to OC'ing. stock- core clock-540. memory clock 400 when i change the clocks using ntune to anything above 620/450 the system crashes. why is that? what else do i have to change in ntune? never done this before. PLEASE HELP...
  18. ajayashish

    Q6600 or Q6700 or Q9300 or Q9450

    This is the biggest question in my mind... i am planning to get a new Rig very soon and would have taken that already if i had no news of Q9450 arrival. I saw that Q9450 has 12MB cache and Q6600 which was my option at that time is 8MB... now some people say Q9300 is much better than Q6600...
  19. rhitwick

    Help needed on selecting Proce, MB and GFX card....

    Hi guys can u help me selecting from these options........... Q6600 vs QX6700(is there really any benefit of QX6700 over Q6600?) Abit IP35 Pro vs. Abit IX 38 QuadGT(Same question........what benefit?) Any other MB comparable to Abit boards and having SLi? GFX cards: Which is better...
  20. K

    help me choose a pc config

    picking up a new pc. still dunno what cpu and mobo to get. quad core will be future proof but is it worth the extra money? is there a lot of diff between a e2160/e4500/e8200 and a q6600 for normal multitasking and apps? my 2 choices are : 1- e2160 or e4500 cpu intel 945gc chipset nvidia...
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