All paneer fans jump in!

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I just luv paneer. Any wedding or function I attend, I almost always lookout for a paneer preparation and icecream when I go to the lunch or dinner area :D

Anywayz, today I just discovered that I can convert any gravy dish to a paneer dish without much effort. Here is how you do it:
1. Get some fresh paneer blocks from your local dairy.(don't use the frozen cubes from Amul, Warana or others)
2. Cut them into slices(tikka) or any other shape you like.
3. Sim the gas and put the 'tava' on it. Wait for a 1-2 mins till the tava heats up.
4. Now put the slices on the tava and keep on heating them from all sides. There is no need to put any oil. Do this this the surfaces of that paneer start becoming yellow-brown.

Now put these paneer pieces and enjoy your paneer dish :D
[this may be useless to girls :D but for paneer-boys like me :D]


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Paneer fan here. Ordered Paneer Mutter from local restaurant yesterday. Boy if there is one thing I love about Veggie food is any dish with Paneer in it & Pav Bhaji. :D
add one more to the list guys ........ its easily tops the chart for me ... + its benificial fo eyes also ...and a good source of calcium too...


hmmm......... paneeerr deliciiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooouuuuuuuuusssssss bt i dont eat paneer in wedding's due to hygiene problems.....


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HUGE paneer fan!
in fact ill be probably having Chilly Paneer(there is rest. in my area that makes the best) today for lunch!!!!

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M a non-vegetarian but i love paneer.have at least one paneer dish everyweek.
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I'm a mucho big Paneer fan and harryneopotter can testify to it, considering my dimension ;) :D I also know how to make Shahi Paneer so I make it whenever folks are not around!


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I'm a non-vegetarian. I hate 'ghaas-phoos' and other rabbit food. Yet, I just love Paneer Butter Masala. I, too, have a paneer dish everyday. Paneer pwnz all other veg food.
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