1. patkim

    Looking for PS2 Keyboard with 'Power Sleep Wake' function buttons

    I am looking for a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake function buttons. While I search online, I don't find any with these buttons. Some mention in their description but on product photo these buttons are not there. Does anyone know any brand that makes such a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake...
  2. S

    Are consoles worth it for a second shot?

    A brief kind of "history" about this: I own a PS2 which I bought in 2004 and it was pretty decent till 2012 when it stopped playing most discs. A repair might probably work which is still far fetched as I haven't touched it. I enjoyed the PS2 mostly because of the exclusives and due to the fact...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Controllers/gamepads (for PC & PS2)

    * Products' Names: Sony PS2 controller, Vinyson PC gamepad (USB interface), SVB PC gamepad (USB interface). * Expected Price: Rs. 180 shipped for Vinyson controller, 200/- shipped for PS2 controller, 220/- shipped for SVB controller . * Date of purchase: don't remember, but they are atleast 3...
  4. B

    Should i buy a PlayStation 2 or buy a pcsx2 capable GPU/CPU?

    Hello guys, During my early school days in 1st half of last decade, i always drooled over ps2, wanted one badly for myself but parents never bought it for me. I used to spend hours playing ps2 games at local video game parlour :-D I didn't had a PC that time and only video game console i had...
  5. Rockstar11

    Display Problems with my PS2 !!

    Just i bought a second hand modded PS2 console from OLX But i am having display problems while playing games on my TV display is showing blueish, violet colour for games. My TV is 25" videocon bazooka and in A/V mode it has two options for video (AUTO and NTSC 358). I tried both of...
  6. Skyh3ck

    [Want to Buy] WTB - PS2 Multitap, Memory Card, Accssories Etc..

    Hi i have bought a used PS2 from other forum, its with one wired and one wireless controller and 8 mb memory card i want to buy mor accesories for my ps2 like 32, 64 mb memory card, Multitap, Eyetoy or any more accessories . I want it for cheap price, so anyone have anything like that...
  7. Skyh3ck

    Need suggestion on Rechargeable AAA bateries for PS2 controller !!!

    hey friend i have bought a PS2 and also have one wireless controller, the controller requires two AAA batteries i am planning to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger to use for this purpose, please suggest me can i use rechargeable batteries with it and good brand to go for, also will a...
  8. Skyh3ck

    PS2 Game suggestion !!!

    hey friends i have bought a PS2 with two remote and 8 mb memory card can you please suggest some great games with good graphic. also suggest two player co-op game, split screen game etc. and where to get it for cheap price thanks
  9. vijju6091

    PS2 Games Suggestion

    First of all sorry for posting the this post in Wrong Thread. Hey Guys, Few Days Back my PS3 Died and I went to repair center They Are saying that It is Difficult to repair now as it is quite old. SO Till the PS4 Arrives i am stuck with my old Ps2 and Few Games that i have. I have played...
  10. vickybat

    Nintendo To Discontinue The DS?

    Finally DS is going to retire and for good. It was an extremely successful console and the only thing in history to come close to ps2 in sales. It seems all those rumors of DS eventually beating the ps2 in most number of sales can be put to rest now. Although i personally don't like the kind of...
  11. H

    Attention all TDF gamerz... Advice needed !...

    Hello all my friend needs an advice.. He likes gaming a lot he used to play with his ps2. But now his ps2 is dead so he wants to buy a console or a pc... which should he buy.... HIS BUDGET IS 50k.. Should he build a gaming pc or should he buy a monitor and console.......? And if console...
  12. SaiyanGoku

    [Advice required] 2nd Hand PS2

    One of my friends is looking to sell his 3-4 years old PS2 with games (don't know which games), as he'll be buying a PS3 slim. I'm thinking of buying it as my first console. I played WWE All stars on it and it works fine and none of parts are damaged at all 8-). what should be the ideal buying...
  13. .jRay.

    Rip ps2

    Sony stops production of ps2
  14. CarlonSamuels

    Sony discontinues PS2

    Soy has decided to discontinue The Legendary Ps2 from the Japanese Market Sony stops shipping PlayStation 2 in Japan | ThunderFeeds I would like to dedicate this thread to my old ps2 and all the fun i had while playing on it
  15. Kl@w-24

    [Want to Buy] Used Playstation 2 (PS2) Games

    I'm looking to buy a few used PS2 titles (specifically fighting/racing/games that can be played by 2 players). I need original discs only since my console isn't modded. Based in Pune, so ideally I'd prefer local sellers (just to conclude the deal quickly) but it's okay if you're from anywhere...
  16. veera_champ

    suggestion to buy keyboard and mouse

    Hi guys, please suggest a mouse and a keyboard under Rs.3000(including both of them) only for PHOTOSHOP use and both should be in PS2
  17. V

    Worth buying used ps2 for 4.5k?

    Hello there, I have found used ps2 for approx 6 months on Seller offer me Slim PS2 for 6 month barely used , 70 games DVD, 2 remote controllers, 8 MB memory card worth 4.5k. So is this profitable deal? Please suggest me your opinion that I buy this or going for new one worth 6.5k...
  18. P

    3 simple steps to win Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Sony PS2 and many other prizes!

    devworx brings you a chance to prove your expertise in developerWorks Platform. Take devworx Adroit Contest by completing following steps and win exciting prizes like Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Sony PS2, Philips GoGear RaGa MP3 Player, Logitech Stereo Headset H150, Pendrives, Digit T-Shirts and many...
  19. Renny

    TV Tuner question

    Hi, Zebronics - TV tuners - External LCD* ZEB-L2012 I've want to buy this TV Tuner, since its an external one can I record shows on my computer from it? Will I be able to connect my PS2 to my HD monitor using this TV Tuner?(Through the A/V input and output from D-Sub) Any other better...
  20. S

    Used PS2 worth buying now?

    a guy offered me a used PS2 with 2 original controllers, memory card and 20 top games, its 1 year old and he is asking for 3k, is it worth buying at this price? i have a low spec PC and never ever owned a console, and i am not a heavy gamer at all, i just need to time pass with it :razz:
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