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Zebronics - TV tuners - External LCD* ZEB-L2012
I've want to buy this TV Tuner, since its an external one can I record shows on my computer from it?

Will I be able to connect my PS2 to my HD monitor using this TV Tuner?(Through the A/V input and output from D-Sub)

Any other better suggestions for a budget of 1.5K?

I need to buy this thing today, MOST IMPORTANTLY will I be able to connect by PS2 through the A/V ports on the TV Tuner and output through the D-Sub(monitor has it)? Will there be any lag? How good is UMAX?


My main purpose is to watch my Setup Box (or DTH) connection, DVD player and play PS2 on my HD monitor (Benq G2222HDL, has 1xDVI, 1xD-SUB), what do you suggest? (Without lag)

The STB, DVD and PS2 all have A/V outputs (Yellow, Red, White), I will obviously be using only one of them at a time.


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Why dont you get something from a better brand like AverMedia. This one: AverMedia AVerTV BOX GENIE 1 TV Tuner Card | Tv Tuner Card |
I also have similar Zebronics LCD ext. TV tuner. Clarity is OK but i wish it had been better. Sound again is not that good.

And yes I am quite sure that you can connect your PS2 to your monitor via TV tuner. One of my friends who has a PS2 is actually connecting it to his Samsung monitor via his Enter TV Tuner.
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