1. W

    New norms may make electronics costlier

    New norms may make electronics costlier - The Times of India if anyone is thinking about getting a laptop,tablet or tv then better hurry.
  2. rhyansy

    MSI Brand Gaming Laptops: Are they good?

    Hello everyone! Just wondering how techie people think about MSI, manufacturer of Mobo, GPU, gaming laptops and other related electronic products. How are their gaming laptops, especially the GS70, a slim type gaming laptop?
  3. bubusam13

    Someone help me buy

    Hi Guys, I need this keyboard silicon skin for my Vaio E series 15 inch one. I searched few shops locally at Guwahati, but unable to find it for my Vaio. I found one seller in eBay but he is not shipping east due to shipping delay as per him (normally I get products in 3 days). I will be...
  4. amjath

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered

    NSA reportedly intercepting new devices to bug them before being delivered Source You know which device they are talking about NSA is able to install spyware on all iPhones Source But the obvious reply from APPLE Apple claims it 'has never worked with the NSA' to create backdoors in any...
  5. D

    Dust Cleaner

    Recommend some good dust cleaners for PSU, Motherboard and the overall cabby. I am looking for compressed air cans etc. If there are other options do let me know. Thanks. And links to specific products on ebay,flipkart etc will be greatly appreciated. If this is not the right sub forum, point me...
  6. H

    [For Sale] Almost New IPAd+ smart Cover+ screen Guard

    1. *Model number and details:IPAD RD(Retina Display) wifi+ cell 16 Gb MD 522 HN/A Blac + Ipad smartcover MD 454 Dark Grey 2. *Date of purchase: 29/08/2013 3. Reason for sale: Bought for mother but she is not able to use with fluency wants a lappy :) 4. Warranty details: with in...
  7. Chetan1991

    General Query Are Teleshopping products genuine?

    Hey everyone. Many products sold on the cheezy teleshopping commercials seem very versatile, with unique features. Many seem to be unique and I haven't found any product like them in the (offline) market. So my questions are: Are these products genuine? Are the prices they charge...
  8. A

    Positive Experience Vaishali- Multiple Products

    I havr ordered multiple products from ebay(unfortunately I dont have the link for any) and have always had a good experience till now. The Products I have Purchased till now from them are: 1.) Logitech Ultimate Ears ue 350 vi for only Rs.1990(in March'12) 2.) USB Cable for Iphone for Rs.100 (...
  9. funskar

    Amazon India now sells computers and accessories now sells computers and accessories:mrgreen: Amazon, the online retail giant, has launched a dedicated computers and accessories store for customers in India. Indian customers will now have the option of shopping across over 7,000 products spanning more than 180 brands on the...
  10. A

    Made my mind Sony xperia L vs Lava Xolo Play T1000

    Plz help me guys as it may sound a lil filmy 2day i wa going to buy xperia L but while buying 4m tradus i have open the think digit site i found the new add of xperia play so m very confused coz my main priority is gaming only n while comparing Xolo play with Xperia l Xolo play is definite...
  11. R

    Gadgets, In the age of Simplicity

    When historians in the future will look at the Technological advances of this generation they won't think twice before labelling it "The Age of Simplicity" Just look at the apps You have Word processors like Writer which use only one font. There are plenty of other apps that do only one thing...
  12. The Sorcerer

    Discussion: Confirmed: Rashi will not be handling RMA of certain Asus product lineups, will be handled by...

    Okay. Now before people start with 'I've heard that....' rumour mill across the tech forums like how they did with MSI, here's the thing: Its not officially announced, but Rashi Peripherals will not be taking care of RMA for certain Asus product lineups, but will be handled by Digicomp and...
  13. sandynator

    Best Automatic Top Load OR Front Load Washing Machine around 25k-30k

    Guys, I'm planning to get a top load automatic washing machine around 8kg capacity OR 7kg capacity front load washing machine[can extend budget till 30k if its really good]for my new home. Need best suggestion from you. I also require Inbuilt heater for hot wash. Budget - 25k & Capacity -...
  14. H

    Adobe wants Ninite to stop rolling out crapware-free Flash

    Not cool, Adobe: Give the Ninite guys a job, not the middle finger ? The Register
  15. $ingh

    ESET Smart Security 6 Launched in India

    ESET, the leader in proactive protection against digital threats, announced release of 6th version of its consumer products ESET NOD32 Antivirus and ESET Smart Security along with exciting "1+1" offer on retail products. ESET NOD32 Antivirus 6 will provide Indian consumers with even faster...
  16. Inceptionist

    Google to shut Reader web feed application, users vent

    R.I.P. Reader, you will be severely missed. :sad: Looking for alternatives. Free of course.
  17. darkv0id

    Why are PC games so cheap on launch in India ?

    It seems so strange to me that even AAA titles mostly launch at the $20 price point in our country, even as people in the US (or any other country) have to pay $60 or more for the PC release (at least until the Steam sales). And barely 3-4 months after launch they get further discounts eg- AC3...
  18. sumit_anand

    Get an LG product for just 64INR!!

    Yet another offer from LG on their products where one can get an LG product just for 64 INR. They are also providing huge discounts on their LG TV products and also giving out free accessories as well.check out this link for this Republic Day Offer. Does anyone have any idea about Sony and...
  19. S

    Thoughts on Apple iPhone 5

    I like Apple products ,so i decided to buy iPhone 5 before that i would like to know your views regarding this product :-o
  20. B

    Budgeted Tablet

    Hi there, I am from India . I want to purchase tablet pc with less cost but with good configuration can someone suggest me products ? how's NXG's product because I heard from lots of people about the company. Bindya
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