1. anandk

    norton risk...

    "Symantec Corp.'s leading antivirus software, which protects some of the world's largest corporations and U.S. government agencies, suffers from a flaw that lets hackers seize control of computers to steal sensitive data, delete files or implant malicious programs... ...Symantec has boasted its...
  2. anandk

    dont instal Comodo Anti-Virus !!!

    "Imagine this: A reputable security company releases an eternally-free, "enterprise-class," anti-malware engine that doesn't waste CPU cycles, or otherwise molest your machine. Windows users rejoice that they can surf without fear of PTM (Porn-Transmitted Malware), and they line up to buy the...
  3. R

    What custom duty on IT products

    I want to buy online a viewsonic 19" LCD monitor from abroad. Just wondering what will be the custom duty chargable on IT products. I remember IT products are sub divided into categories & different custom duty is charged on them. Where can I find the info, if someone knows then please...
  4. anandk

    Norton wants beta testers...wanna join !?

    Security software vendor Symantec is seeking beta testers for its 2007 line of products, including Norton AntiVirus, Internet Security and Norton Save & Restore. The company also has a number of new products in the pipeline, which will be provided to the Symantec Beta Testing Team. Interested...
  5. ShekharPalash

    Google Launched 4 New Products

    Source: The Official Google Blog "Yes, we are still all about search?!?"... ... ;)
  6. jay4u

    Buying A Sata II Hdd

    My friend wants to buy two SATA HDD and put it in raid. I sugested it the SEAGATE 7200.9 SATA II 160 GB model with 8Mb buffer..... But the problem is i am unable to get it anywhere in mumbai. Can somebody please point it out to me as to how can i get it here in mumbai.... the model number is...
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