Best Automatic Top Load OR Front Load Washing Machine around 25k-30k


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Guys, I'm planning to get a top load automatic washing machine around 8kg capacity OR 7kg capacity front load washing machine[can extend budget till 30k if its really good]for my new home.

Need best suggestion from you. I also require Inbuilt heater for hot wash.

Budget - 25k & Capacity - 8kg.

I've short listed Whirpool 360
Whirlpool | Product Detail

This will be my first whirpool products so wanna know how good are their products especially washing machines.



Front loading is better.And opt for a semi automatic rather than a fully automatic machine.But see your usage if you find fully automatic good for you then it is fine.Visit few local dealers and then make a decision.


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Go with top load have heard so many complaints about front load and go with fully automatic machine
Some Good Brands
1. Samsung Using Personal Choice 7 Yrs till date no issues not a single one (reliable)
2. LG checkout that Silent feature
3. Whirlpool

Brands to Avoid
The only Videocon had the worst experience with this.
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Thanks @aroraanant & @shreymittal

Samsung is out as I do not trust them anymore. Had a real bad experience with their semi automatic machine.

LG is good option but direct drive machine will be out of budget.

After inquiring in market found out 3 frontloaders IFB, Siemens & Bosch just 2-3k more of my budget. Have to check out the reviews now.
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