1. S

    mobile phone around Rs. 15000

    Hi, pls suggest me good phone around Rs.15000.:-)Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    water in dslr.. help needed

    Hi guys i went to an ill fated trek yesterday n water has entered my nikon d7100. the optical viewfinder has become foggy n pics clicked are also foggy.. :( pls help me what to do now.. i have removed lens n kept them both in airtight container with silca gel crystals. pls tell me can i claim...
  3. shreeux

    Best Refrigerator single door?

    I like buy new refrigerator single door with best power consumption.....below 15k... Pls suggest product name and model no...
  4. D

    Buying help......

    Pls ppl help me...... i need a pmp + iems for total of around 3k (can adjust) pls suggest some decent ones.... guess 3k aint enough.... ): pls at least suggest a combo price can go 4-5k as well.... guess 3k aint enough.... ): pls at least suggest a combo price can go 4-5k as well....
  5. T

    Looking for a job in Game Testing

    Hi All, I am looking for a part-time or full time job, preferably in game testing. I am currently pursuing a course on Gaming. Not much has been covered & I am desperate for a job in this field, which is the reason why I am looking for a job in game testing. As far as work experience is...
  6. W

    Pls suggest good 2.1 speakers

    Planning to buy excellent 2.1 speakers. Intend to use for Movies and Music. Games come too later! Liked the Logitech Z623 earlier...they were amazing. Still its good? If so, can I proceed with that though there is an increase in price? If not, please suggest some excellent ones atleast better...
  7. 24online

    Any review on

    Hey, I would like to know if anyone has experience on bitmit. I tried to search on net and found that its trusted site and uses escrow service and no scams. However, if you have experience, pls share. It has very good deals so I like to use and spend some bitcoins...thanks.
  8. S

    Need a good sound card suggestion

    guys, i need a good sound card for pc, i have 5.1 home theatre system & i need spdif port. i love effects & i am very Bass lover, can u pls suggest me which sound card is best at present market ???
  9. D

    Guyz urgent help needed want to buy a DSLR under 30k in 2 days

    PLz ayuclack,nac,sujoyp all u guyz pls help me quickly i want to buy dslr under 30k in next 2 days or so, i have shortlisted two brands canon & nikon now under my budget i have got 1100d and 600d from canon, and d3100,d3200 and d5100 from nikon. canon 1100d is not at all worth it due to its...
  10. M

    how much for Coral Video Studio X6 ?

    Dear experts, pls guide me the price for Coral Video Studio X6. while googleing one coral site shown USD 69.99 for online downlodable version. did that correct??? pls guide me hardly waiting best mobileman
  11. K

    Blackberry 9790 help

    Hey guys I need some help with a blackberry 9790 on factory os7.1 which seems to heat up randomly at times and cool at other times and has fluctuating battery life (sudden battery drain at times).plus when I connect it thru Bluetooth to my jbl flip speaker it drops connection when I place a hand...
  12. avichandana20000

    mobo+cpu only for 10k

    pls suggest a mobo+cpu only for 10k
  13. I

    No display in laptop..

    Hello Frnds! I have got prob. In my laptop.. There's no display on switching on d laptop.. However, the hard disk indicator is blinking.. So, what could be the possible prob with the display?? Pls. Help me out..
  14. Ronnie11

    New PC for 25-30K Max..Pls help

    Hey guys, so a friend of mine wants to get a new computer by this week or so...His budget is about 25000 but is ok if it goes about to 30000 max...He wants the computer for occasional gaming & watchung HD movies and the other office programs No overclocking usage nothing... Some of the...
  15. S

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - To Purchase or NOT - Pls help finally urgent

    Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - To Purchase or NOT - Pls help finally urgent Hello Friends, Given the offer from Samsung I have to decide now whether to go ahead and purchase Samsung galaxy grand or not. The reason is Samsung Galaxy S7562 duos has considerable speed lag and small screen and...
  16. Siddharth_1

    Headphones for under 4k

    I need a good headphone under 4k. It will be used only for gaming, and no music. Pls reply guys.....
  17. O

    small monitor

    hi ppl i want a monitor below 12 inches for it available in india? pls primary monitor is fhd.....i just want a second one!
  18. A

    bassy earphones

    pls suggest me bassy n best earphones in Rs 800 of 3.5 mm connectivity.
  19. M

    windows 7 getting strucked while logging to facebook,need guidance

    folks, now a days,while logging to facebook,my system getting hanged for few sec to minutes.after that getting some un necessary comments like "UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT" pls guide me,how can i fix my problem?? waiting mobileman
  20. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speakers for my LCD TV Required...Budget about 2500/-

    Hey guys, i am looking for a 2.1 speaker set for my lcd tv....the budget is about 2500/-...basically for music and movies...some of the shortlisted ones were.. F&D A333U 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - F&D: Sony SRS - D5 2.1 Multimedia Speakers - Sony: So between F&D and...
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