Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - To Purchase or NOT - Pls help finally urgent


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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos - To Purchase or NOT - Pls help finally urgent

Hello Friends,
Given the offer from Samsung I have to decide now whether to go ahead and purchase Samsung galaxy grand or not.

The reason is Samsung Galaxy S7562 duos has considerable speed lag and small screen and I want to sell it second hand and intend to purchase Grand.

Pls confirm me following:

1. I believe speed is not an issue in Samsung Galaxy Grand because that’s one reason I am purchasing it?
2. I hope I can root it?

What’s the best deal - to purchase online from flipkart or visit local store.

Pls suggest few best places in Kolkata to purchase the same. I mean reliable shop from North Kolkata preferably?

Sorry for urgency but pls help friends.

thanks so much


Allllright !
First of all this is the place for Buying advice queries !

What is your budget?

OP, if you have read other threads, we strictly vote against Grand..
I have used it for some time and I can tell performance is underwhelming to say the least..


One of my colleagues has recently bought the handset and she is really disappointed with the device. I don't know if its her device or its an issue with the entire series of Grand, but the performance is slow and the phone freezes if any other activity initiates while playing games. She then has to remove the Battery and reinsert for the handset to start. But after reading so many reviews its safe to say that Grand should be a no go.


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First of all DONT even think of grand. instead go for any xperia in that range like xperai sl.
I sold my gs3 just because of multitasking issues...
Sammy always put crap bloatware & slows down the phone also software optimisation is not done properly.

So NO to Grand.


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My friend has grand , its display (pixel density) suckssss!!!! I think you should have a look at Xperia Ion i guess you ll love it ....dont go for Xperia S/SL its gonna get discontinued soon


Ion can be considered, couldn't say whether it is the best option or not but yes it is a good option.
See if you extend your budget a lil bit, then One X and SP will fall in your budget.


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No to grand because of reasons above
If your budget is till 21K u can take Xperia L for 17K or LG L9
Or stretch your budget and take Xperia SP (best phone under 25K)


Do not buy grand coz itz just not worth the price..that fon is a 13k least that is what u will feel if u see it yourself..even xolo x1000 is better(and when i say better, its actually way better than grand available for 18k) or go xperia ion...
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