1. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Xbox 360 wireless controller

    Hello, need a wireless, *original* xbox 360 controller. white coloured. location is Mumbai. pls PM me your offers. thanks.
  2. rohitshakti2

    How to use Ampere apk?

    Hi Pls tell How to use Ampere apk? I recently installed Ampere apk. I tried but most of the 1-2 amp charger at home, my 2 amp chargers are showing reading of 1800+ but after a few minutes they come below 700 or so. Am I doing something wrong or Pls tell how to use this apk properly ...
  3. samudragupta

    Pls suggest ram upgrade up dv6165

    Hi friends I own a hp dv6165 Tx laptop with 4gb ram. I want to expand the ram to 8 gb. I have checked this Buy Transcend 4GB DDR3L 1600 LAPTOP RAM Online at Low Prices in India | Transcend Reviews & Rating on amazon. As I'm not very technical pls let me know if this would work...
  4. GhorMaanas

    PSU for HTPC

    Hello! could someone pls suggest a PSU for the below config of my upcoming HTPC-build? gigabyte h97-d3h intel g3250 kingston 120gb ssd 2x 1tb wd HDD zotac gtx 750ti kingston hyperx 8gb RAM nzxt guardian 921 cabinet a blu-ray drive (to be bought) might also buy an asus sound card like the...
  5. P


    Hi... having issue accessing my micromaxa106 mobile.It is showing " PLZ ENTER PRIVACY PROTECTED PASSWORD". This problem occur as soon i just removed my sim. pls help me getting rid of it.. THX
  6. Revolution

    Laptop Under 40K INR

    Hi, My friend's brother is a mechanical engineering student and he want to buy a new laptop. Budget is 40K(including a mouse and carry case/bag at-least). We gonna visit Chandni,Kolkata this Monday. Now I don't have much idea about laptop so pls guys help me to get best option for him. Now the...
  7. shreeux

    Suggest best Scanner?

    Hi, I like to purchase Scanner for digitize my all Certificates,Property documents,Photos..etc., Pls suggest best one, my budget is below 5k.
  8. GhorMaanas

    MS Lumia 430 or 435

    Hello! have to give a phone to my grandfather, and selected the 2 in the subject. could anyone pls tell which one of the two would be better? TIA!
  9. rohitshakti2

    [Want to Buy] I want wifi adapter

    Hi friends, I am looking for a wifi adapter. If anyone selling, pls PM me the details & price?????? Location: New Delhi. Regards
  10. Akintex

    i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest.

    i want to buy a lptop aprox 25 k which best disply pls sugest. i need - best display for text ,and and image editing ,coding. i can ignore- speed, hdd and ram 2 gb is enough for me.
  11. S

    Plz suggest CPU+MOBO+Cabinet for 40K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Gaming. Titles like Witcher3 , Skyrim highly ENB modded, GTA...
  12. Revolution

    Antec VP450P or Corsair VS450 ?

    Hi, Pls help me! Today my old Corsair 450VX gave up. PC automatically shutting down. I did not find the bill so RMA not possible I guess. :cry: I want to buy a new PSU. I will upgrade my PC in 2015. And spec will be almost like below: AMD FX-6300/8320 Motherboard 2x DDR3 RAM R9 270/270X 2x SATA...
  13. V

    can i import a phone from usa? how much will it cost and what to buy?

    hi i am a cdma user in india of tata indicom,as india dont have many cdma phones so thought of importing one no my questions are 1. cdma frequency in india is 800,sprint and virgin provide same frequency and is it cdma? 2 my relative live there so thinking of first buying from to...
  14. bubusam13

    CCNP query

    Hi My CCNA will expire on 6th Sep. I will apply for CCNP switch this month. Will my CCNA validity extend. Or I need to appear all the three exams ? Its a bit urgent... pls let me know.
  15. M

    Laptop Under45K

    Hi, I want to buy a laptop. My requirements are as follows: my Budget: Rs. 45,000/- Utility: average gaming, support linux platform Need dedicated graphics card. Favoured brands: Asus, HP and Toshiba (If there is any trusted laptop in other bands, pls suggest that) Processor: Not less...
  16. G

    entry level guitar

    hi, i want to learn playing guitar and currently have no knowledge about these, i am planning to buy a guitar soon but have no idea from where to start. please suggest me which guitar should i go for as i have looked on internet there are many types of guitars available such as acoustic...
  17. Revolution

    [Query] Dell Mouse RMA

    Hi, Pls help me! I bought a Dell MS11 Mouse from snapdeal few months back. But,its left click not working anymore Pls tell me the procedure of RMA. Do I need invoice to claim warranty ? Where is service center located in Kolkata ? Snapdeal did not send me invoice and I had mailed snapdeal about...
  18. A

    AC Tonnage.. suggest pls..

    Looking to buy 2 acs from Sharp. Confused if i should get 1.1 ton or 1.5 ton. rooms are 120 and 145. Its ground floor.. multistory building apartment. small room has no sun facing side. bigger room has one very small balcony north west facing. one question is that If i go for a 1.5T inverter in...
  19. setanjan123

    HDD Partition corrupt

    I have a 160gb seagate hdd. Now the C Drive is a 30gb partition. I use win xp. About a year ago i used EASUS Partition manager to make a 10gb partition labelled G:. The G partition was made from the C drive. So now i had a 20gb or so c drive and 10gb g drive. I installed win7 in the g drive and...
  20. GhorMaanas

    Lumia 525 or Moto G or LG L90

    hello! pls suggest a ph among the 3 in the subject. the phone is for a friend, a first-time user of android/windows. usage would be the usual casual one, plus some share-mkt trading apps. pls suggest, alongwith reasons for your recommendation (does LG have better service?). thanks!
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