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Headphones for under 4k


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I have got some advices for you - The Corsair Vengeance 1500 is great for gaming but it is slightly over your budget was for Rs.4750. These give you a surround sound experience (7.1) through a dolby digital surround software , which helps in gaming . Other than that , Corsair Vengeance 1300 is also a great choice as it is just the same Vengeance 1500 but it is analog . V1300 retails at around 3.6k so you should be fine there.


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Stick with a good brand, that's the 'first' thing when you are buying an audio product imo.
I haven't heard Corsair V 1500, but my pal has V 1300, and it's good, however nothing extra-ordinary. So I will recommend Corsair.
And I am quite sure you have a sound card.
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