1. Zangetsu

    Need Water Purifier...

    Hi Guys :wave: I want to buy one.. but which brand & technology type i dont know pls suggest... budget is 5k..
  2. P

    Windows XP boot issue

    CAn any1 pls help me? I accidently formated my boot partition and now my pc is not booting up. i had windows dev edition on one partition and windows xp on the other. i formatted the win dev partition. pls help me to reset my pc...
  3. S

    stable mobile in 8k(available in kolkata)

    dear guys, i want to buy a new mobile within 8 -8.5k.but i need a stable phone. few days ago i buy Sony Ericsson Spiro but the phone was worst.too many problem with this phone.For this reason i really afraid .that's why i need a buy a new phone.can u pls suggest stable phone list with full...
  4. mailshobhon

    I want to buy asus n55sf

    if any one having asus n55sf can share with me in this forum. i wan knw abt the performance of asus n55sf and what is the best price i can get for n55sf. pls help me out....
  5. J

    need help

    hi guys my self jin and im from delhi.yesterday i saw ur forum through google and today i decided to register guys i want to gift a powerful gamming pc to my lil bro on his b'day but here is a problem and the problem is i don't have that much knowledge about configuration stuff cause im...
  6. S


    Hi Am currently doing my mca 2nd year,i want to do a course related to my studies & i prefer to do CCNA etc... if any other course is possible pls suggest me which will be useful in future too.
  7. arjoonpk

    problem with battery notification

    guys... i hv this problem with ma power notification on the system tray... it doesnt show up at all.... on the customize window it says the notification isnt currently active....!!?? pls can anyone help me out here... m using vaio cb35... its js been only a mnth i bout d lap.... pls can anyone...
  8. dharmil007

    DvD Writer not working & suggest new dvd writer

    i Have Sony dvd writer {SONY DVD RW AD-7260S 1.61).it is reading discs perfectly & writing CDs perfectly. But when it comes to write a DvD, it gives error.i M attaching a ScreenShot of the error, for ur reference.PlS. help me out guyzz what should i do ??? i'VE tried writing different files...
  9. T

    HomeMade VRM solution

    Hi guys i need to Heatsinks for My 78LMT-S2P VRM i have hit ~3.9 Ghz but it aways restarts due to VRM protection :lol: even when i m at 3.4 Ghz with 1.425V the motherboard restarts:( can we make homemade VRM can i get VRM heatsinks at lamington ?? i need some thing like this or this Please...
  10. W

    macbook pro from

    Wanna buy mac from Buy Apple MacBook Pro 13" (Core i5 / 4GB / 320GB / 13.3") MC700HN/A at Best Price in India - Also find Specifications, Photos, Features & Reviews Guess this is the latest? pls confirm. I saw no diff when compared to official apple...but need ur suggestions :)...
  11. dharmil007

    Which is this cellphone ???

    hey can anyOne pls. tell me which is this cellphone used in A famous movie ?? i have guessed but i dont know if its true or not My guess : NOKIA N9
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