1. O

    MotoG--WiFi switches on by its own

    Guys, the WiFi in my Moto G turns ON automatically whenever there is an available signal. How do i turn off this feature? pls suggest.
  2. R

    Insufficient audio from my laptop.. Pls help

    Hi folks, I have a K53S series Asus laptop. For past few days, it seems there is some problem with the audio. When I listen songs, I cant hear the lyrics , theres lot of noise in the song so I cant make out the words of the lyrics. Pls suggest what might be the problem Thanks in advance
  3. A

    Which phones cpu is stronger

    Which phones cpu is stronger Moto G VS Sony Xperia E VS Sony Xperia L Vs Samsung grand Quattro Pls tell me in a order one more thing is there any phone is to come till September with good cpu (quad core) which i can buy in 18k pls tell me.
  4. setanjan123

    laptop compulsory in engg?

    I dont know if the post is in the right section. If not pls move it. Now to my query: my wbjee results will be out soon and ill go for either or it) or b.c.a. My question is do engg colleges like techno,heritage,b.p poddar etc require u to buy laptop from them? Is buying a lappy...
  5. A

    which GPU is best???

    Guys pls help me out here!!! I need a new GPU for my i7 system. I use a single full HD monitor 1920x1080. Which Nvidia GPU is best to play games on full HD with ultra settings??? I was thinking about GTX 760 AMP edition. I currently have GTX 660. I m not a AMD or ATI fan, so pls suggest.8-)
  6. B

    My PC not getting on

    i tried a lot , but pc isnt booting 1) few months ago , it had this problem, but then automaticaly it started. 2) but now more than a month i waited , but the same, pc isnt booting. pls help.
  7. anky

    Durable External Hard disk 1TB

    hello friends, i want to buy an external HDD Storage - 1TB or more Budget - around 5K (however i would like to keep it as minimum possible but also i do not want to compromise with quality :P Desirable qualities - USB 3.0, Fast, Durable (it is very important), i am not much of a "handling...
  8. R

    Installing new MOB drivers

    Hey guys, i found new drivers(Chipset & LAN) for my motherboard gigabyte ga-b75m-d3h rev 1.1 How do i go about the installation? should i uninstall my old drivers and then install the new ones? Or can i directly install them,its my 1st time so pls help :razz:
  9. K

    Need Ur help guys... Badly ...asap removing Cryptorbit Ransom virus

    All my files videos, pdfs are encrypted and want to gain access to them again pls help me asap.../ thanks/. See the image in the link.//..
  10. M

    Need help in deciding which printer to. Buy pls !!!

    Hi guys, just like many newbies, i am posting my few unresolved questions here. I searched a lot about monochrome laser ( of course basic one) for my personal home use. I didnt want to compromise on inkjet printers & hence thought of buying a basic, cheap & best printer B&W with very low...
  11. anky

    Buying FIFA for the first time

    Hello friends.. I have been playing fifa pirated version only, but now i have started earning and i am planning to buy FIFA 14.This will be the first original game i will be purchasing.So pls tell me what are the differences between pirated and original version, and from where should i buy it...
  12. S

    Need help in buying Monitor

    i am planning to buy an IPS monitor 24 inch for gaming pls suggest guys... i have sawn one AOC model online with that hdmi port and cable was also available. I have graphics card gtx660 accordingly i want full hd display pls suggest my max budget id 12k to 14k
  13. I

    Acer V5-571 vs ???

    Namaste! I am planning to buy Acer V5-571 from a local dealer. It has i3 3rd gen 2375m, 4 gb ddr3, 500 gb hdd, dvd rw, win8. For 35k I chkd other brands laptops also at dat shop but none of dem had dis 2375m processor. Most of dem had 3110m or 3217u. My query - is 2375m an outdated processor...
  14. R

    Want to Purcahse android mobile under 10k-15k

    Hi ! I want to purchase android mobile under 10k-15k, choice between Samsung Quattro & Micromax Magnus. Pls. guide me which one is good. I want good display, good performance speed for internet as well as games & long durablity. Having doubt about micormax durablity. if there are another...
  15. M

    Buying Iphone from US

    Hi My cousin is going to US and will be in Washington and New York area. She wants to get an iPhone 4s / 5 factory unlocked and without contract. Pls let me know any shops or websites from where she could get them. Thanks
  16. I

    Call Recorder for Samsung Galaxy Core

    Namaste! Anyone here can do me a favour pls.? Actually, i am planning to buy a new mobile but i need Call Recording feature in it. I chkd out an app - Call Recorder ACR (By NLL). Their page at Google Play shows Galaxy Core's name in the supported handset list on which their app works fine...
  17. W

    Need reliable Internet connection Unlimited Mbps with huge FUP or no such

    I had some bad experience with Tikona. And currently some troubles with mtnl connection (I have little control and cannot check since it is not under my administration). I would rather get one good one under my name. Experts here! Please recommend me. If you are ISP rep, pls offer me good...
  18. sysfilez

    Pls help me unlock

    My nephews Micromax Funbook Infinity Model P275 got locked due to "too many pattern attempts!" unfortunately he also doesn't remember his Google Id to Unlock. This tablet doent have a Volume key. I have the data cable to connect it to the pc. I have tried instructions given on the net to...
  19. G

    no audio!!

    Intel inspiron laptop withand OS windows 8 does'nt play audio its always muted,when i try to unmute it opens troubleshooter dont know wat to do pls help:cry:
  20. nikhilsharma007nikx

    HLEP ! pls ... in need of good choices...

    hi guyz, i am in 10th class going through SA I and its real tought... i want to know what can i do after 12th cuz im gonna take PCM with C++ , also im creative good at drawing and can apply my mind into problems, just im not too good with maths just above average and below excellent so i...
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