HLEP ! pls ... in need of good choices...

hi guyz,
i am in 10th class going through SA I and its real tought...
i want to know what can i do after 12th cuz im gonna take PCM with C++ ,
also im creative good at drawing and can apply my mind into problems,
just im not too good with maths just above average and below excellent so i dont wanna take Commerce and Humanities i dont like ....
people tell me wat can i do after 12th .. im a good student ... score 90% in both 9th and 8th ....
i thought of taking up architecture but some people told that architecture is no too good cuz u cant modify some thing to that extent(i dont agree do you ? need suggestions ..)
people help me out .. u guyz have done that many times and will do this time also .....

i dont really know what system they have after 12th s can u guyz pls explain everything to me ?
ill be real grateful

pls guyzz help me


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first try finishing class 11th with good marks in PCM & then ask question because right now there is no point in asking such questions.


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then you don't have much to think about.either you take PCM coaching for IIT/engineering or PCB coaching for AIIMS/medical.


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you have to study PCM anyway.to get B.Arch in IITs you have to clear the PCM paper+aptitude test.
For Students who wish to pursue B.Arch from IIT

All the candidates aspiring for undergraduate courses in IIT (irrespective of any branch) should write Paper-1 of JEE (Main). If selected within the top 1,50,000 (including all categories), the candidate will be able to write the JEE (Advanced) - 2013. Moreover, candidates desirous of joining the B.Arch courses will be required to qualify in an Aptitude Test to be conducted at all zonal IITs on 28th June 2013 (Friday). However the seat allotment will be done based on the JEE (Advanced) – 2013 rank only.

syllabus of aptitude test:

usually if a person can understand & clear an aptitude test for some field of study then that person is considered suitable for that field of study.


Look it's too early to think in my opinion.
11th is somewhat different from other classes as I am in 11th now.
And for coaching, you better take it in 11th because in 10th as you know you have to make projects and all for your FAs.
In 11th there are no such work, so you can handle both school load and coaching centre's load.
wait well thats what im saying is architecture a good profession ? what do you guyz think ? and pls read the first post carefully ... ans yes as i said earlier im gonna join coaching in 11th only so i dont think so that there is enough time to think ...


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what do you mean by is architecture a good profession?every standard engineering related profession is same,it is the person who perform good or bad.you can be a computer engineer & still doing badly or you can be a metallurgical engineer & still doing good.if you are interested in designing building structures or fascinated by designs of buildings then architecture course looks fine.also just because you can draw good does not mean you will make a good architect.an architect works in real world where he has to consider issues like physical forces(stress,strain,material strength etc),landscape,client's expectations etc.also architecture is a specialised field unlike conventional engineering branches where one can work in many areas(e.g.electrical engineer as programmer) so once you become an architect you can only work as an architect or try for govt services where you have to study extra subjects.


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I too agree with other guys. It's too early to decide what you want and would do after your class XII. There are circumstances which we can't control and which have a drastic effect on what we ultimately do. These circumstances might be related to family, finance, health, and a lot of other factors. Moreover, if you want to opt for PCM, go with it. But, don't let anyone else decide that for you. In case your parents are pressurizing you (I don't know whether they are or not, just putting up what I feel a possible case), you would like to talk to them, and if that doesn't help either, talk to your school counsellor and then ask him/her to talk to your parents. But whatever you do, be honest with it, else don't do it. You won't enjoy doing it.
As per my experience goes, the real picture gets clear when you are in your class XI and XII. That's the period when you are capable of deciding what you want to do and what you can do. So, in my opinion, you should just work hard in your studies, focus there, and get good marks for now. It's not the time to think what you want to do. I wanted to write a long story of my own (of what I wanted to do, what I did, what I'm doing now, and what I want to do in near future) but thought it wise to cut it short.:-D
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