1. K

    Want to putup a MultiMedia Games centre

    Dear Admin... I want to putup a small games centre in my Town Near Salem District in Tamilnadu. But i am confused. why means i have no lot of knowledge about the Games centre. Now i want to know which one is best for games centre. PC Games, Playstation or XBox. Which one is best and...
  2. jamyang312

    Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 vs. Revolution

    X-box360 vs Playstation3. You decide!! * Please tell me now what u think about both of them? :twisted: :twisted: :?: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. d00by

    NEWBIE] playstation 2 buying help needed

    I don't know much about playstion and stuff. I have played smurai nintendo games before. Can you advise me which is the best video game console? I am thinking of buying playstation 2. I have heard that I need to 'mod' it to run 'cheap' game cds bought from palika bazaar. my question...
  4. H

    playstation + TV vs good gaming pc.

    Hey guys do you like to play games using playstation on your large television or you'd better play on a PC . I mean good GPUs like the 7800GTX cost around Rs.3x000 whereas a ps3 or xbox 360 will also cost maximum about Rs.30000 (i dunno exactly, and almost everyone has a 29" or bigger...
  5. Sourabh

    Resident Evil 5 coming to 360, PS3

    Resident Evil 5 coming to 360, PS3 Capcom's flagship horror survival series will infect both Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles. Since January, GameCube owners have been the only American gamers able to enjoy Resident Evil 4. But while the best-selling, critically lionized...
  6. sourav

    Do NFS work on PS2

  7. tarey_g

    2005 Game Critics Awards Winners

    Spore cleans up with four awards Last night, the results of the 2005 Game Critics Awards (GCAs) were announced. Spike TV had the honor of first unveiling the winners. The awards were determined by group of over thirty independent journalists, from sources like PSM, CNN/Money, and the...
  8. Sourabh

    PlayStation 3 Discussions

    PlayStation 3 announced for 2006 LOS ANGELES--Today saw the second of the big three console makers announce their next-generation platform. At its pre-E3 press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment gave the world its first look at the PlayStation 3, as it now is officially called. The...
  9. q3_abhi

    Playstation 2 software

    Can anyone give me a good Playstation 2 software. If Yes,will it work?? I have a celeron 1.7 Ghz, SiS 650 onboard graphics, A Combo Drive. Thanks (in advance). Please tell me quickly, i want 2 spend my summer holidays,just finished std 10 th. :D :D
  10. K


    please help me on how to play playstation games on computer i had heard of some software but getting it. thnx in adv.
  11. U

    Playstation 2

    Hi friends! Can anyone please tell me what is the price of Playstation 2 in Rs.?And also tell me can i play Playstation 2 games on PC?If yes then tell me the software's name.
  12. H

    Playstation 2, Xbox or just stick with my computer?

    ok here's the deal I want a gaming rig, now i can either go for a PS2 or the Xbox, or i can just get a new grapics card + steering wheel. here's how i see it- Playstation 2--> Awesome games,Loads of choice in games and gr8 graphics XBox--> Awesome graphics, Limited games Another Thing is...
  13. S

    ps2 on pc

    how can i play playstation 2 games on my PC
  14. A

    PlayStation2 gamepad on PC

    I have read a lot of articles about using PlayStation 2 gamepads on PC using a PlayStation to USB convertor.I was wondering whether such a convertor would be available in Mumbai and what would be the price of a new PS2 gamepad.
  15. S

    First look at PlayStation 3 chip

    Some details of the chip inside Sony's PlayStation 3 have been revealed. source : *
  16. Choto Cheeta

    How to run PlayStation game Disc in a computer??

    yes yes I know some where in this forum the answer may have given……. But I couldn’t able to find the right one for me. Well I have downloaded couple of PlayStation CD emulator, BIOS, plugins from * I was able to run a PlayStation game (Mobil 1 Rally...
  17. A

    New smaller Sony PS2 for $149

    The downsized PlayStation 2, which weighs half of the current model at 32 ounces, will cost $149 in the United States and 149 euros in Europe, the same price as the current model. The smaller PlayStation 2 is about a fourth the size of the regular PlayStation 2, but includes all of its...
  18. S

    Virtual Play Station or Computer Games?

    Hello Friends! :D I just got Connectix virtual Game Station software which plays any Play Station cd on my computer. When such software are available which can play even the resource hungry Fifa 2004 on my cute little celeron as Fifa 2004 playstation version is just of one cd whereas...
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