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hey kid you can use "epsxe" .
do a google search for it .
it is freeware and works best in the field of emulating playstation.


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My frnd got PS2..Can I play those Game Cds on my PC
Which softawre is needed for playing PS2 CDs :)


There r some softwarwes for ps2,but they r under construction.Moreover there system requirements are also high.I think it will take an year or so for ps2 software 2 work properly.


yeah q3_abhi is right but it will not take a year to complete. according to SSIOP it will be completed in 3.5 months


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You can get Epsxe from here

It has quite a complicated list of settings which you'll need to figure out.The basic start will need you to configure the Video,Audio,Cd-Rom,Controller,Memory Card,Bios Settings to it and then you can run the Disc.If The frame rates seem to fast(In case you have A PIV and or Equivalent Processor) then you can limit it by pressing Delete Key and then the End Button Twice (Atleast that's what i do).

@reddick......The only two emulators avaible for Ps2 right now are PCSX 2 and NSX2 which are in development stages and under Beta testing and cant emulate much of the PS2 games or in Short words they are Barely Playable.


Does anybuddy kno how I can get a MODed PS2 in here in India

you cannot get it in india according to my knowledge
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