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Movie Playback Problem

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Broken In

I copied a VCD to my computer disk. I used ISObuster. When i tried to play from the Hard Disk, i get this problem. If i jump to another part of the movie, it just stays still for a few seconds and then starts playing. playback from the CD was fine. IS there anyway i can correct this


Cyborg Agent
i think there is nothing wrong in it ...
it usually takes some time for movieplayers to fast-switch to the point from where u want it to play ..
is there anything doubtful abt it ?



Aspiring Novelist
Possibly There are Some Programs In The Background That may be causing this Slow Playback I Suppose......Which Media Player are U using to Play These Files?......Sometimes The Software That U Used To extract The Movie (Like In Ur Case The IsoBuster)Might Be giving Some Slow Response To The Copied Disc......Just Try Directly Copying The .Dat Files To Ur Hard Disk And Then Try..... 8)
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