1. prateek_san

    How to use themes with .swf ? in w200i

    How to use themes with .swf ? in w200i guys pls help me.... i have some awesome themes with me ....i can see the themes as a pic but cant use or install them.....
  2. s18000rpm

    Quit Smoking

    [click the pic & watch the video]
  3. V

    Networking problem

    I want to network PC 1 & PC2 for internet. I'm having problem with PC 2. Pic 1 : PC1 and PC2 can connect to the internet and everything is fine. But i need to move PC1 to the room where i kept my router. Pic 2 : Thje 60m cable is cross cable, PC1 & PC2 are connected but not the router...
  4. A

    Life Explained in a single pic !

    Do I need to say anything else......
  5. D

    ASUS EAX X1950 PRO 256 MB Graphics Card

    For Sale in Bangalore Only! ASUS EAX X1950 Pro 256MB PCI-Express Graphics Card The card is around 6 months old and in an excellent and perfectly working condition. Included in the sale are all the cables,driver cds,an ASUS leather cd pouch with a 16 cd capacity(unused),the box,connectors and the...
  6. pritish_kul2

    Adobe Prob

    i hv a pic which is very bright. i want to lighten it. how do lighten it?
  7. pritish_kul2

    Orkut pic

    How do i put an animated pic on orkut?? CAn i? like sm digit members have
  8. Batistabomb

    Suggest a ajob or profession for the person above you

    guys suggest a profession for the above guy by seeing his pic or name or some factors
  9. debsuvra

    Cannot boot to SuSE 10.2 after installation

    Hi! I am just installing openSuSE 10.2 in my pc and got stuck!! Please help :confused: I installed the os successfully in my pc and it needed to restart the machine. When I restarted and went to verbose mode, something bad happened after usb detection. It is the agpgart that halted the...
  10. nishantv2003

    How to improve cam quality of K750i???

    hi guys... i had w810i before it took pic at amazing quality, and the 1 day water went in and it got dead. so, i took its most closest substitute(i had less budget) k750i. i did some research bfor buying it and i found that its cam pic quality was better then the new k550i... so i took it...
  11. S

    help needed about pic msgs in n73

    i have some pic msg file(*.ota) im my pc...i want to sent them to my frnds as pic msg. plz help me that how i can send them..i have n73 is there any software to create pic msgs
  12. S

    Messages to be copied/back up thru PC suite.

    Guys, Pl ... can some one tell me how to copy or take back up of all the text messages from Phone to PC, I am using N70 and having PC suite latest version, i am able to copy pic, video thru usb cable/pc suite... but not messages, Please let me know..... Thanks in advcance Saran......
  13. chicha

    Sony 8gb

    I just got a nice looking 8 GB pendrive form SONY. for only 2500. Have not tested it, but the box claims that it can write 7 times faster. than what it did not mention. will upload the pic and the test results as soon as i test it. by the way are there any softwares for testing these?
  14. vish786

    Indian Artists are best... but world does not know about it, How pity :-(

    Most of the talents in India go for waste or r just hidden behind the doors or houses. Must see the Art Location: Tata Museum, Jamshedpur. In the first pic, you can see a painting. This was a gift to JRD Tata on his Birthday by a street artist. Nobody was able to understand his art...
  15. paragkalra

    Apple Evolution-All Apple Products in 1 Pic

  16. a_k_s_h_a_y

    hw 2 convert gif 2 wbmp pic messages and send via SMS

    guyz i wanted to send WBMP ( 2 color ) pic messages to lot of my frnds via SMS downloading thm frm CELLONE services was costly and even gettin them from yahoo mobile or Indiatimes mobile was costly becasue u need to send them a code for that pic message which u see on net and this SMS eats away...
  17. L

    XFX Card Died

    hello everyone i was using xfx 6600gt but a couple of days ago a very small component labeled C89 near the jack of the fan melted now is that covered under guarantee/warantee if no where should i take the card to get it repaired (address of xfx service center) preferably in Delhi or Kolkata...
  18. yesh1683

    What as Intel did with X3000 Graphics????

    My sytem specs are Intel DG965RY intel Core2duo 6300 1GB DDR2 533 RAM Windows Vista ultimate on C Windows XP pro on D The mobo has X3000 graphics with supports for Harware TnL onboard, For long time they havent released the drivers that support Hardware TnL But just few days back they...
  19. ~Phenom~

    Strange pic

    What is the logic behind this picture ??? Hi guys , i just visited a person's album in orkut and saw a amazing pic. when we press Ctrl+A on that page , the picture changes . It works only in IE. Here is the link: http://www.orkut.com/AlbumZoom.aspx?uid=15615577529542150384&pid=7 Can anyone...
  20. CA50

    Boot Pic

    I want 2 know if there is any way by which i can make the pc display a pic for a few sec before booting:cool: :cool: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<plz Help>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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