1. P

    RAM for HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1103tx

    Hello, I have a HP Ultrabook 4-1103tx with 4 GB RAM. I want to upgrate my RAM to 8 GB by adding another 4 GB one. This is the pic of the current RAM. What could be a suitable RAM for this one? Thanks.
  2. cyber_freak

    Changing my profile pic

    Hi, I cant seem to change my profile pic on this site.Pls,Can anyone tell me how to?.
  3. Alok

    New Need For Speed

    NFS tweeted today that it will be announcing new game in the series tomorrow. Here is the first pic they posted :D - - - Updated - - - *www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybZ5nchDm6o
  4. $hadow

    Audio Technica M30X Review

    WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones 2. Carrying bag (leather bag) Build Quality The build quality is great, considering that it is made of hard plastic throughout. It does not seem as sturdy or durable as its bigger cousin, the M50x, but it should get the job done. The...
  5. bajaj151

    Is it safe to provide ID proof?

    Nowadays, courier company asking ID proof (Take the pic) at the time of delivery. Is this safe?
  6. S

    Need Help. Connect Logitech Z506 to Toshiba 32" LED TV

    Hi all, I have a Toshiba 32" LED TV P2305. It is connected to the Videocon DTH HD STB via HDMI. Following is the pic of input/output panels the TV comes with: Then I have a Videocon D2H HD STB. Following is the pic of the same: And then, I have Logitech Z506. Following is the pic of...
  7. R

    which is the usb port in the below picture?

    Which is the port below in the pic which is BLUE ? I thinks its slighty offset and hence i'm not able to plug in my usb 3 or any usb 2 cable. Or is this meant for something else. This is front side of HAF 912. PIC attached - - - Updated - - -
  8. avichandana20000

    Hyper 212 evo.................solid build?

    I have bought hyper 212 EVO on Jan,2012 for 2000/- After a year during a general cleaning of my PC i noticed that the four spring screws of the X CLAMP have caught RUST. One of the screws with backplate nut has become so stubborn and stained that i was unable to open it. It was only in the...
  9. A

    Raindrops on Leafs...

    tried a little macro photography with my camera i took this pic in the morning around 9 am after the rain f/10 1/160 Iso-800 +0.7step exposure bias canon eos 1100d,18-55mm lens was used flash was also used though i dont know its compensation...its not written in exif... Plz...
  10. 7shivam9

    Somebody Explain this pic !

  11. srkmish

    Your Profile Pic Story?

    I have always been curious about the profile pic of different members in forums. So i will begin with mine. The kid in the pic is me smoking a chocolate cigarette. The other guy is my elder brother. We took this 'cool pose' pic when i was 7 :D
  12. K

    Unable to install Ubuntu 13.04 in dual boot with Windows 7 !!!

    Hello Digitians, I have HP Pavilion G6-2313ax laptop. I have installed Windows 7 ultimate x64 on it. I have created 4 partitions, 3 primary and 1 logical and in that logical partition, i have created 4 partitions. Here is the screenshot of Disk Management I tried to install Ubuntu 13.04 x64...
  13. B

    MS-Word Problem

    Hi Guys I was making a chart in MS-Word 2007. First of all when i fill up the values it takes way too much time for the chart to get showed up like one to two minutes, maybe because i have another like 70 bar charts in the same file IDK. And sometimes it just doesn't show the chat even if i...
  14. bestpain

    keyboard button

    my button of keyboard was not working so i opened my keyboard and found that the button`S` of it is teared of....what should i do now? check ths pic what to do
  15. A

    Help needed in calibrating my new 32" LG LS4600

    Hi all.. this is my first led tv. i used the picture wizard for calibrating but i still am not satisfied with the pic quality.. can some 1 share me your settings.. Thanks!
  16. sanny16

    Quantum usb card reader not working

    I purchased a usb card reader to read mini sd card from ebay. Today i tried reading it in all the usb ports of my laptop but it was not showing me the contents of the card instead a cd drive icon comes, when clicked on it , shows please insert a disk. I have attached the pic along with this...
  17. T

    Showing Error While Logging...PLZ. HELP !!

    when i log into *selfcare.ndc.bsnl.co.in/irj/portal it shows error saying : The Requested Resource does not exists . Go to main page of this application! see the pic below..
  18. A

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance Cam problem! :((

    I just bought my galaxy S Advance a month back and it was working all fine untill yesterday. I just opened my Camera to take a pic and was suddenly shocked to see all the icons upside down!!! :shock: I clicked a pic and saw the picture too came upside down, even clicking horizontly dint work...
  19. gohan89

    Which TV to buy? Very very urgent....buying on 17th Oct

    I have shortlisted the following models for buying: 1)Samsung 32EH5000 (MY favorite) 2)Samsung 32EH6030 (3D LED) 3)LG 32LS4600 My first choice was and is still now the 32eh5000.Here in Kolkata,we have Durga Puja sales time where we get huge discounts on many products.I saw that the 32eh6030 is...
  20. amruth kiran

    Image Clarity Problem

    hey guys!! i have a "FUJI FILM A100" a basic point-and-shoot camera, my problem 's that until recently the image when transferred into the system has a lot of "unfinished looks".. this was not a problem when i bought it 3 years ago... the pic has some " grainy" and "reddish" hue. please...
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