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  1. A

    How do i manipulate the login screen of WIndows XP

    Its just a matter of challenge, that i wanna change the "Welcome" screen that comes in when windows start. I need to put in my own text or some default pic. anything will do. Thanks
  2. Ashis

    Any Photo Editor In Hear.. Need Help with FireFox & Opera!!!

    Hey I Got This two Pic.. ----> Can any One Change The FireFox Pic to similar Size as Opera's Pic !!! (Use Them As ObjectDock Icon... & U Will Know the Diffrence..(Problem)) I need to Use Them In The ObjectDock ??? I went this far ---> (Need to Make its Background Transperent) &...
  3. B

    God hlp, i accdiently deleted pic from digital camera

    Folk, Plz hlp me i accidently deleted all my pic from digital camera, its so important to me , is there any way i can retrive back all the pic from digital camera ... I will really appreciate if u all hlp me , am really sad. thanks
  4. I

    How can i enlarge my 278kb pic into 1000kb or more ?

    i have a pic of 272.8 Kb and i want to maximize its size as biger as it can be possiable ,, how can it be possiable .. is there any software or site .... i want full clearity ... suggest me a software plz ....
  5. G

    AMD & Tata Indicom Launches The PIC

    AMD and Tata Indicom combined, laucnhed the PIC for the first time ever in the world here in India, we are the first, it is an embeded Plateform, with a custom Microsoft OS made specificilly for this PIC The PIC is basically an extremely cheap Net only PC, it is made to widen the use of...
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