1. U

    The Haunting Experience in recent Shimla Trip

    In April 2009, one of the weekends happened to be a long one. i had 3 holidays covering friday, saturday and sunday. So family and friends decided to visit Shimla. The plan was an instant one. I took my own car for the trip. In all we were 5 people going for the trip. My parents and my best...
  2. jxcess3891

    Post a picture of your school

    Here is the link as the pic is too large to display: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/12848468.jpg
  3. rohitshubham

    share through workgroup

    hey i have internet through sify broadband and thre is one common terminal for the whole apartment and whenever i open workgroup computers the list of all the person's computer of the terminal opens up even if i am not connected to the net(as in the pic) so, i was wondering that is there any...
  4. the.kaushik

    How to register in http://portal.bsnl.in/ for Bangalore

    How to register add phone in http://portal.bsnl.in/ for Bangalore Sorry if a re post as Search is not working currently in this forum and need the answer very urgently. I want to add my phone at http://portal.bsnl.in/. I am in Bangalore. It says to choose SSA/STD. But i don't see anything...
  5. Faun

    What is wrong with this image ?

    Someone claims that he lives in India by showing this pic, can the elite geeks tell me if he is actually right ? loldogs in return. :))
  6. R

    Mozilla Firefox - Links appear as "[AD]"

    Hi... I have noticed this problem on a few pages rendered with FF. Some of the links appear as "[AD]" on the screen. This especially happens when the "link" happens to be a thumbnail / pic / gif image. Note: I do not have any ad blocking software installed Any ideas folks?
  7. bharat_r

    Help needed in making an object move along a curve in VB 6

    Hello I'm trying to make this in VB 6. I have a pic of a satellite and pic of the earth. I want to make the satellite move along the curvature of the earth. I tried changing the top & left properties of the image to make it move and tried using the do while loop to do this but am not sure...
  8. R

    My Memtest Results

    i ran the memtest though could not complete it...and i don't think it looks good.... im attaching the pic. what do you think>i don't understand it! :(
  9. cooldudie3

    Here comes iPhone killer by Nokia: Nokia 5800 "Tube"!

    Source I've also got a pic here.
  10. desiibond

    iPhone ( 2008 -) vs Stone ( 40,000 BC )

    No offense meant. But it was so hilarious that I couldn't stop post this pic
  11. T

    making a collage using gimp??

    i am using gimp on my ubuntu 8.04 and for a presentation that i have to make i need to make a collage of 3 pictures which i wanna merge together to create one image. the actual case is that the presentation is on transport so i have a pic of a train,bus and plane i need to merge alll in...
  12. Pearl Groupz

    See mine Website & Rate It..Please

    See mine Website & Rate It..Please www.rajeshpatel.net & rate Mine pic:) i am Currently working in mine website to make it blog type...:) www.rajeshpatel.net & rate Mine pic
  13. Ecko

    Wanna otimize this pic : Any suggestions

    Any suggestions want this to suit for my blog Or something same like that is eye candy
  14. Faun

    Picliners **Bandwidth Warning**

    Dull life makes no sense now, lets just add some creativity. Don't care how stupid it is ! just make one and enjoy. Take it from this forum or a pic and let your wicked imagination begin. PS: don't close it, let it pull shapes
  15. nix

    permission needed to post pics on blog?

    hi, im writing a blog. i needed to post a picture about a politician and looked up google for it and found one on a certain website. the site said the picture was from AP photos. can i just put that pic on my blog? is some kinda permission necessary or should i just say that the pic is from AP...
  16. utsav

    Celebrating Friendship day first time in my life (patience really pays)

    Being a techy and always out of the league i never had gud frnds. As the others were either too jealous of me or they just cant like my way of life. So i never got the chance to celebrate frndship day . But things always dont remain the same .Actually my first luv with whom i am in love from...
  17. dreamcatcher

    [Bandwidth Warning] The Official Digit Pic of the Month-july

    Well, inspired by Esato i hereby would like to open a thread dedicating to a contest which enables users to post a picture resting on a definite theme. The theme shall be posted in this post and a winner by votes shall be declared at the end of the month. I will start a poll from the 25th of...
  18. A

    Profile pic :((

    i think there are very hard rules about the profile pic, it shud be less than 64 kb (okay, agreed and finally found a image), but also shud be of 100 by 100 pixel, now how can i do that, please help me with this... ~amdathlon
  19. R

    Need Advise

    I have Intel DG33 FB mobo with intel quad 6600 processor, 2 gb ram and 8400 gs 512 card. Can I overclock my computer ?:confused: And In bios setting I see an option PIC LATENCY TIMER which is set as 32. what it is ? can i increse the value of it ?? :confused: :(
  20. anurodhjindal

    Software that can change the Background

    :confused: HI, I want a software that can change the Background image of any PIC. Thanks
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